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2 years ago#1
Beside challenging yourself and other people's challenge, any point in doing them?
2 years ago#2
It's just user-generated content, meant to give some replay value. It's Hitman's version of multiplayer more or less.

Besides that, not much of a point. You can earn "cash" that you can use to buy unlocks (disguises, weapons, etc.) but I believe you can get them all in the campaign.

You can also buy upgrades for your weapons, but from what I can tell so far it is highly optional to upgrade any weapon. I can't say I've played on Expert or Purist, but I can't imagine it's absolutely necessary to play with upgraded weapons.

Oh, and there are a few trophies associated with it. I think that's it.
2 years ago#3
well we don't get the big bucks for it , so I guess it's for our ultimate entertainment ..
CAN YOU DIG IIIIIIIIIT ? some of the guys are purty darn shrewd with their presentation ...
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