i dont understand the story

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I don't get all the hostilities towards the TC. It's totally uncalled for. Maybe he wasn't paying attention to some of the scenes or he played the game over a span of several weeks and forgot some of the details from the beginning. Whatever the reason is, there's nothing wrong with wanting a summary of the plot. I'm severely disappointed in seeing fellow gamers acting as bullies.

We've had enough of the sharp lowering of intelligence over the past decade, a direct result of teen pregnancies, idiots having as many babies as possible etc.

Or quite simply, we have every right to give a kick up the butt to someone who does not understand simple things. I do not expect people to understand a quadratic equation, but if they don't understand 1 + 2, they are not blameless, so need a kick up the butt to hopefully give them an epiphany.

Plus, there's no such thing as a 'gamer', at least not using the definition you likely give it.

People like you should avoid sites like Gamefaqs as you spread too much negativity and are quite obnoxious.

People like you should avoid sites like Gamefaqs as you spread too much seriousness and insults.

But my post is just as valid as yours and his, so quit yer whinin'.
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I can't believe this is an on going whatever type discussion ? this topic has been way outdated as most all of them by now ! Hitman is in the lost legend file at this time and is not a good enough game to reappear any time soon ........................................THE END !