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I'm gonna play this game. Do I need to play the ones before it? (Archived)Shinra-Army23/28/2013
Can i get new assassi techniques by going back and scoring better on old mission (Archived)bluechillz13/26/2013
Digital Download Contract Mode Problem? (Archived)SatansDirtyBum13/23/2013
Hitman Sniper Challenge - Does it unlock anything in Absolution? (Archived)lostkiwi43/21/2013
whats teh deal with the man locked in the room(terminus upper floors) (Archived)MADD DRAKE13/17/2013
stutter? (Archived)resevil6713/16/2013
Serial Codes invalid? (Archived)coregunner533/16/2013
how do you ssee what a 'high score is'? (Archived)MADD DRAKE13/16/2013
My game keeps freezing at loading screen??? (Archived)yourwisesage23/15/2013
Contracts Trophy Boosting (Archived)Jay252853/14/2013
Contracts Competition (Archived)chapweezy23/9/2013
I got the DLC guns but I'm not sure where to find them in the game (Archived)indica63/6/2013
Looking for people for Contract Competition (Archived)Larollexie13/5/2013
Will they ever release a patch to let contracts mode work offline? (Archived)noones-my-name73/5/2013
Add me (Archived)decoster223/1/2013
could of been better (Archived)CompletelySilen63/1/2013
problem with checkpoints (Archived)sirgreenday42/28/2013
24$ on Playasia (Archived)Neonwarrior124312/25/2013
Finally time to finish this game at last! (Archived)
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Is there a way to get rid of the score box on the top left of the screen? (Archived)indica62/25/2013
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