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6 years ago#1
So, after I download a Just Cause 2 Mod, what do I do? I have Windows 7.
6 years ago#2
Well, WHAT mod did you download? Not all mods are installed the same way. Look for a readme file or look at the author's site/forum posts somewhere. For one example, a few mods like the Blackmarket unlocker you have to go to your Just Cause 2 directory and make a "dropzone" folder to put the mods in...
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6 years ago#3
u drop the skins in the drop zone folder, the black market unlockers go into your win32 folder up near the top

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6 years ago#4

There are origional submiter of those mods on www.jcforums.com, get support FROM the author.

6 years ago#5
thats a new site. Most of the JC2 modding discussion has happened here:

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6 years ago#6
All you have to do is read the directions on the readme files provided with the mod. Usually the process is the same for most mods for the game, so if it isn't stated explicitly, try looking at other mods for clues.
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