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6 years ago#1
is there a way to use mods for this game whilst using steam?
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6 years ago#2
Of course there is...
The game is generally integrated with Steam as a whole (Even the retail version).

Just install the mods as you would normally, following the instructions included with the mod to install it. Just use the Steam directory instead:
\[...]\Steam\steamapps\common\Just Cause 2
6 years ago#3
im not sure if i completely understand I've only ever used a mod manager to mod oblivion, is there a tutorial i can look at?
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6 years ago#4
Not that I know of.

Most mods will have a Read_Me file that will tell you how to install the mods. Just Cause 2 is actually really easy to mod (easier than most games I've seen), as it doesn't require you to actually replace files. Majority of the mods out there are as simple as copying the included files into a "dropzone" folder in the Just Cause 2 folder (You have to make it yourself, just a normal folder named "dropzone" in the same folder where your JustCause2.exe is). But a *few* are different and you'll need to read the instructions for each mod to make sure.
6 years ago#5
i'm behind you....
6 years ago#6
its pretty simple stuff, go to a jc2 site, namely
find whatever takes your fancy, download it, unzip it and unless you have the yyaarrrr'd version put it/them into a directoy like this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\just cause 2\dropzone

the dropzone file wont be there originaly, so just make it yourself, run the game and voila, mods are active
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