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6 years ago#1
How come when I call the Black market helicopter the travel option is locked?(I am able to buy weapons and vehicles) I finished the 3 intro/Alliance missions as well as the first stronghold mission for The Reavers. I have discovered about 3 settlements too. Why can't i fast travel yet? Do they let you travel to settlements or only strongholds?

Please help...I'm also mad that you can't really save anywhere outside of a mission. When you reload it only brings you to the closest stronghold.
6 years ago#2
It will unlock after you keep doing some more faction missions. Also, you can't use it while on a mission, under heat, or while fighting or something.
6 years ago#3
thanks. do they let you travel to little settlements that you discovered or only faction strongholds.
6 years ago#4
I've been able to fast travel to any settlement I want so far.
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6 years ago#5
So I've played this for about 4 hours and have done 3 stronghold missions but no faction missions. So how many faction missions do I have to do before the Black Market extraction is available? I'm tired of calling on it and seeing a freakin padlock on it since I have 3 strongholds and half a dozen settlements I've discovered.

I don't like how the instruction manual says that extraction is available when you get the Black Market helicopter when that isn't the case. And i as mentioned in the previous post..the save anywhere feature can only work within a mission. otherwise you respawn at the closest stronghold. So if you are causing great damage to a settlement raking up Chaos points and want to save to resume your destruction, you will reload far away at a stronghold.
6 years ago#6
i'd say I unlocked it at about 5 percent, and after doing about 3 strongholds (one for each faction), and about two or three faction missions.

You have to be right around the corner from getting it ... have you done missions and strongholds for ALL the factions, or just one or some? that's the only other though I have... did all 3 strongholds before any missions.
6 years ago#7
I've done a stronghold mission for each of the 3 factions and my completion is I think 5 or 6%. I will do a faction mission and hopefully the extraction option will unlock. I've done enough Chaos for the PDA to pop up and indicate I have expanded influence in an area, so there are several choices i have in certain areas.

I kind of like the safehouses from the original game more since you have crates to resupply instead of calling on a helicopter and having to buy to replenish each time.
6 years ago#8
I know for a fact that you don't need to complete all 3 faction stronghold missions to unlock it. Or any of them for that matter.

I was able to use extraction after only doing the Casino Bust mission (Mission 2). The only times I couldn't use it when I was either in heat mode. in combat, or on a mission. Other than that all I needed was an acceptable landing spot to place the beacon.

I literally screwed around for hours upon hours without doing a single mission beyond the Casino Bust mission and I used extraction the entire time.

The first time I decided to use it was after I checked out the Mile High Club. Shortly after the Casino mission I found and stole a helicopter to get me up to the blimp. After I checked it out, I jumped off to the island just below it (I couldn't extract from the blimp itself). I was able to extract myself from the island and have it take me to one of the settlements I had passed earlier.
6 years ago#9
I did the casino Bust mission quite a while ago (as well as 3 stronghold missions as mentioned). The extraction choice still has a padlock. Is my game defective. WTF?
6 years ago#10
Hmmm. Might be a bug?

If you can order weapons/vehicles with it you should be able to extract with it (Assuming you are out of mission/combat/heat which I am guessing you know by this point).

It sounds like the game is thinking you're still engaged in one way or another, even if you may not be.

Try this. Start a new game and get past the first 2 missions again. Then see if it works. Maybe find at least one other settlement to test it.

If it does work, then yeah, you are probably bugged somehow. =(
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