list of all found easter eggs in the game:

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6 years ago#1
feel free to contribute if you've found any

here's the list so far:

Bubble gun: X: 4249, Y: 25990

Mile High Club: X: 29584, Y: 11435

Desk and Chair from I Am Legen at the end of a pier: X: 18207, Y: 21543

Hot Air Balloon (Fly by shooting off sandbags, hitting Y rapidly and moving in directions by walking): X: 7392, Y: 16151

Field for flying plane (It's a field in the jungle perfect for the BM plane, meaning you can practice using it. This way it goes off the ground without exploding! Also, its right by a village, so you can extract there anytime) : X: 29963, Y: 17120

Hatch from LOST: X: 1769, Y: 4351

Beached Whale: X: 29611, Y: 31332 (You can make It's stomach explode by grenadine It's stomach. Very gory.

LOST island plane crash wreckage and search sign: X: 1275 Y: 3663

3 Faces: X: 30377 Y: 30638 (I don't really think this is a easter egg, but whatever)

Skull Island: X:14834, Y:17323 (once again, not really an easter egg, but still cool)

If you have a good eye:
A shark fin swiming, but a metal thin attached to a propeller: X: 12730 Y: 22494
6 years ago#2
This is starting to piss me off.
6 years ago#3
sheesh by tomorrow theres going to be like 50 topics like this
6 years ago#4
Holy Hell, Skele your topic is popular, this TC is the THIRD person to copy it word-for-word.
Doodily Ding Dong Tick Tock
People, that is not a leet-speak 'E' in my name. It IS the number 3. SH-Three Valtiel.
6 years ago#5
i found all these and wrote this topic actually.
6 years ago#6
I didn't write the last three; those were by code_of_conduct and wansanchez. The first guy on Facepunch just added what they wrote without consideration.

I am a sad panda. I want people to enjoy the easter eggs and secrets of this game but its just being ripped straight from that one topic.
6 years ago#7
Then why does it have the exact same typos and wording as the same as skeles
6 years ago#8
It's a joke topic.
6 years ago#9
Nice find tc.

Also, how do you figure the desk and chair is from I am legend?

I havent seen that movie since it came out and doesnt that seem too obscure?
CE's Resident Singaporean
6 years ago#10
Easter eggs are usually a little obscure. If it were too obvious, it could detract from the game.
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