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6 years ago#1
With what little I know of SE Asian languages, I'd have to say that the language spoken in Panau is actually Tagalog (a dialect in the Philippine Islands).

If you pay close attention to NPC dialogue (and you can understand the language), you'll see what I mean.

I found out by stunt-jumping onto a boat and the fisherman says the following:

"Hoy! Anong ginagawa mo?!" (Hey! What are you doing?!)
"Mahuhulog ka d'yan!" (You'll fall off!)
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6 years ago#2
good to know.
all i figured was that it was SE asia
thailand, singapore, etc
6 years ago#3
Yup, I am filipino, and I heard those pieces of dialogue and was like woah haha

Not sure about the other languages though? Sounds nothing like the other Filipino dialects I know.
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6 years ago#4
Considering people who live in Malaysia say it's based in Malaysia, and people who live in Indonesia say it's based in Indonesia, I think they mixed in a whole bunch of different things that would be familiar to people in various countries.
6 years ago#5
There's also some1 saying "May Nagbabarilan!" (There's some people shooting each other)
I'm Filipino too. Though some of the sentences spoken aren't Filipino. I agree: Mixed languages
6 years ago#6

i knew it. ahaha
6 years ago#7
Wait serious?!? That is freakin awesome. I knew i lived there and learned a few languages for a reason. Hopefully they have a little Cebuano or Wari-wari in game as well. Leyte/Samar FTW!
'Till then I'll just shut my big yap!
6 years ago#8

Its Bahasa Indonesia, not Tagalog. Everyword is totally Indonesian/Malaysian as they are almost similar.
6 years ago#9
So far we've had people from the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia all claim Panau is part of their country due to things like language and architecture. Which leads me to the conclusion... no it's not. It's a fictional island with a bunch of different countries mixed in. Nice to know which countries though.
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6 years ago#10
Maybe its mixed, but one thing for sure, the language is Bahasa Indonesia/Malay.

For example,

Gunung = Mount/mountain

Kampung = village

Dataran Tinggi = high plain.

Those are Bahasa/Malay.

But yeah, its a mixed culture of several different countries in SE Asia, The accent of the native is very Malay/SIngaporean accent
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