Help on creating a perfect team.

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7 years ago#1
Hey all:

While I am not new to the world of blitz the league games, I do have a terrible time of creating a perfect team on blitz the league 2. My first team that I created has a rating of 5-6-5 and is getting ready to beat the division 1 champions. This first team has franchise as a HB/FS. I would like to create another team with franchise as a HB/FS so that I can overwrite my old team and have a rating of all 6's. Any help in this would be much appreciated. I have gone through both the xbox 360 boards and the ps3 boards and have not found the help I am seeking. Thank you for your time folks I do enjoy the blitz games especially causing injuries and late hits that is the most fun I have ever had in games.
7 years ago#2
ok i tell ya what. as a top 20 player on xbox live i'll help ya out with getting 6-6-6 team. just holla at me on live and ill tell ya how.

GT: TH Harry C
7 years ago#3
You can just create a QB/LB or a TE/CB franchise team. I find both of those combos are easy to max out.
7 years ago#4
Also my 360 tag is: birddogg622006 if ya need more help.
7 years ago#5
I am playing blitz the league 2 on ps3 and its not connected to the internet. I posted on the xbox360 board because the ps3 one is not as active as this one is. I did manage to go undefeated and beat the L.A. Riots 34-24 I am now 8-0 and the division 1 champions without losing a single game throughout campaign mode. I also got all 6's after becoming D1 champions. I wanted to know what training do I put all my guys on and what should I make my next franchise so that I will have a much easier time the second time through.
7 years ago#6
you can also make a WR/LB team that is a very balance team also to use.
7 years ago#7
blitzarrow make your second time around a TE/LB it has the best starting overall stats. And drat either one of the RBs to give you a powerful balanced offense or make a TE/CB and draft freeman to have a pass shut down defense.
7 years ago#8
WR/LB???? Really?!?!?! Drafting who?
7 years ago#9
draft freeman for the secondary cause you have tarr replaced by tirpitz if your a WR/LB and its really easy to fix your offense up in this game so its pretty stupid to draft Damon or either running back. if you draft freeman you have him to help your secondary for the pass defense, tirpitz, sands, and franchise linebackers to help stop the run so the team is pretty balance on defense. as for your Offense its extremely easy to fix any offensive player in this game up and BTW i have all my upgrades in division 2 so thats y my team is really good
7 years ago#10
As for the TE/LB having the best overall stats starting out i disagree. WR/LB has a speed of 78 if you choose all speed options and the TE/CB has a speed of 80 starting out. im mentioning that cause speed is the most important factor in this game and both franchises are really good starting out . b_dizzel lets play sometime on live ok? BTW the first sentence is my opinion im not saying that your wrong or anything like that just trying to show my point to yall
gt: Th Harry C
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