Character/Class Ideas (my first post ever)

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As you can see, I am new here. Please treat me gently.

The title says it all. Post here you class ideas. I know you have at least one. You can post with or without pics. You can put new weapons and stuff. Sky's the limit.

*Iron Maiden*
Description: Iron clad maidens that are seem to be immune to magic. Magicians find themselves when fighting these ladies. They are very vulnerable to arrows though.

Battle Sprite:

Class traits:
+ formation (female)
small unit
movement: walk

o: > magicians
x: < archers
o: void paralysis

Lvl20 stats
Gen: 6 stars
Atk: 5 Stars
Tec: 3 Stars
Luk: 1.6 Stars


Description: Nimble warriors who always find a way with items. They are however very susceptible to spears.

Battle Sprite: (im having trouble with this one)

Class traits:
x formation (male)
small unit
movement: walk

o: Drop 100%
o: evening :)
o: village :)
x: < spear users

Lvl20 stats
Gen: 2 stars
Atk: 5 Stars
Tec: 5 Stars
Luk: 4 Stars


so there.. I know.. weak descriptions... and this board may already be dead. But hey, I tried. I'm a fan of Yggdra Union. I've beaten it many times but I still play it over and over and over and over.
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The fact that you drew art is actually kind of cool.

Not much comment though, dead board.
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