which items can you sell and which should you keep?

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6 years ago#1
Also is there a way to turn while attacking? I was trying to kill some of them deer types with sword that took about 20 minutes to swing. Am I meant to pick weapons to match my foes (slow attacks for slow movers etc), or does the attack speed increase as I upgrade it?

I'm new to MH so don't slate me for the noob questions.
6 years ago#2
1.- Monster materials are the ones you should keep mostly, but also other things like bones and such. Commodities obtained through the chief's son I believe are safe to sell/trade.

2.- Greatswords can turn while attacking, VERY slightly though. Planning your attacks beforehand is the best way to go.

3.- You've just earned a pearl of wisdom by yourself. Yes, use swift weapons for swift monsters. Weapon combos or attacks do not improve by improving the weapon. Actually they don't change at all. The improvement lies in stats only.
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6 years ago#3
Don't get in a habit of selling your materials....

You just never know when an upgrade for anything will require a certain amount of earlier materials..

I mean... 40 iron ores was pretty bad in another MH game I play... when I had already sold them all because I thought I wouldn't need them again, but apparently the second to last upgrade needed them.

Aside from Great swords around-swing... you could side step with the lance... so if you miss, just side step into position and there's always the long swords side swing with a push back effect.
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6 years ago#4
I don't think money will be a concern later in the game, so I just keep everything. If I want to make a lot of weapons ( instead of sticking to one type ) I will need a LOT of materials. And after awhile you will just be grinding the same stuff over and over getting money and materials.
6 years ago#5
Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated.
6 years ago#6
Also with a great sword, you can cut your recovery times by rolling after you finish your combo. This is a rather important technique for making the weapon practical.

Most of the swings can combo into each other, you just can't repeat the same one twice except the forward attack (overhead swing > slap > charge-up slash)
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6 years ago#7
you can sell Steel-,Silver- and Golden Eggs to your hearts content they dont do nothing else but give you some extra Zenny

and you can sell the items thats say " makes for a Good pocket chance"
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