Whats harder? Fighting the same monster online or offline?

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6 years ago#1
Some say online because it has more power and health, but after every time it attacks you it goes on to someone else and gives you time to heal

Offline because hes hounding you(and Cha Cha) 24/7, but the offline counterpart isn't even near as strong as the online one.

Which one is more difficult?
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6 years ago#2
I find online much faster while offline feels like it drags on but that might just be telling me I don't deliver as much damage as the rest of the group <.<
6 years ago#3
solo online is harder than offline, but if you are with 3 other people online can be easier but not necessarily faster
6 years ago#4
if im fighting with people who have better gear the the monster it usually goes faster online. But if everyone has decent gear i can usually down the monster faster by myself solo. Not to sound like an ass or anything but the fights offline shouldn't drag on at all. Try experimenting with different weapon types, elements, etc...
6 years ago#5
Online if the people you're playing with realize the most important part of teamwork is to NOT DIE.
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6 years ago#6
Depends some of the monster are absolute b*****s online compared to offline for example Gobul is ridiculous underwater online while offline he's average. Also some of the monsters are harder with more people trying to kill it Lagi online constantly spams that stupid electrical charge attack or roars to temporarily paralyze you and then does it's Pikachu like thunder shock. Lagi Offline is much easier, only starts doing electrical charges when it starting to get dangerously weak.
6 years ago#7
I've had Lagi do his electrical charge pretty close to the beginning of the fight offline too... I mean, he spams it as his health gets lower (which really just gives you an opening to bring on some serious pain if you're smart enough to dodge it, in fact, I wish he'd use it more).

Online, so long as you have a competent team, I find the monsters to overall be easier. Soloing them isn't so much harder as it just drags out. I just (mostly) solo'd online Barroth because I DC'd (not entirely solo'd, we got his tail off before everyone DC'd), and really, short of being a lot longer, there isn't much difference between the offline version.
6 years ago#8
In my experience, I finish at about the same time online (with 4 players) as offline, unless I'm fighting something new.
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  3. Whats harder? Fighting the same monster online or offline?

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