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6 years ago#11
But he doesn't get that alot of this is done on purpose.
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6 years ago#12
I'm not gonna lie, I did feel like I walked into a gay porno when I saw the intro.
I was super creeped out by the chaps.
"But... but... the craaayon D:"
6 years ago#13
I stopped reading after this 'The Monster Hunter series is pretty popular back in Japan, but it's never really caught on over here in the states'
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Can't believe that someone took the ID already =w=
6 years ago#14
He says he is himself a fan of the series. I'd say this is very unbiased of him and he has many good points. He loves it for what it is but he does not recommend it without renting first, which I think is good advice.
People purchasing this game without knowing what they are getting into will most likely not like it.
6 years ago#15
"let me simplify by saying that it's basically your generic Final Fantasy barbarian setting."

"No lock-on in combat, too much grinding, no Wiimote functionality, and assless chaps."

"why is this on the Wii and not the PS3?"

Can I stop reading now? D:
6 years ago#16
Someone should make a new review and rebuke most if not all of his arguments lol
"So... are you satisfied now?" Zelkova
Can't believe that someone took the ID already =w=
6 years ago#17
One of the first things I noticed was the person's status.

Minecraft is so ftw. :3
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6 years ago#18
i like how he says you have to grind the same quest 20 times to fight lagiacrus.. and he shows himself using a lagiacrus g.sword against.... lagiacrus

obviously very credible, using a lighting weapon on a boss that spits lighting.. good job sir
6 years ago#19
I read the whole review, and I think this guy is an idiot.

He compares every single aspect to some other game that's nothing like it. Comparisons:

Final Fantasy (7 mostly)
Super Mario 64
God of War
Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess)
Harvest Moon
Jurassic Park

Also he seems to have a huge problem with his sexuality. He constantly complains about a few seconds of assless chaps in the opening video, as well as the default underwear and some of the starting armor.

He claims he's a fan of the series but then complains about no lock-on, "clunky" controls and the like. The game shouldn't ever have lock-on. The controls aren't clunky, big weapons are slow because they rightfully should be.
6 years ago#20
Oh yeah, I remember in FF7, trying to get the best "materials" by "leveling them up". Ugghh, it took SO LONG to "unlock" the "master materials"!

Also he has never played Harvest Moon. Well, maybe he played one of the games for like a year of in-game time.
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