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6 years ago#31
I lol'd.

That guy is an ass-general.
6 years ago#32

From: Wyvern72 | #031
I lol'd.

That guy is an ass-general.

I believe you mean a Rear Admiral
"man ur so ignorent and closed minded stop being so eletist" - TrenGangsta
6 years ago#33

From: da_xavier | #023
i didnt read it at all cuz honestly who cares what he thinks? If we enjoy the game thats all that should matter

just because you enjoy something doesn't mean you should remain ignorant to or refuse to acknowledge critique
6 years ago#34
Oh, you.
6 years ago#35
Im the authors profile:

What makes me tick: The hope that a new game might be good, the inner rage when it ends up sucking, cute girls, chocolate meringue pie, home-style black-eyed peas and table-top RPGs.

I lol'd.
6 years ago#36
From the review:

"However, when hitting the damn target is so difficult that you have a better chance of hit the ground right next to them, then something has gone terribly wrong."

Yes, something *has* gone terribly wrong, and that something is you, and how terrible you are at video games.

People that don't completely suck at Monster Hunter have no trouble hitting things.

You know, it's funny. Reviewers hate Monster Hunter because the game refuses to hold their hands and give them an ending on a silver platter just for being able to turn on the console and smash the controller with their flippers for a few hours. Lock-on is *the* most often cited complaint, and none of the people that complain about it acknowledge the fact that there are hundreds of Youtube videos of people having no trouble whatsoever hitting things with no lock-on. I mean christ, do reviewers do any research at all these days, or do they all just play a game for five minutes and pass judgement?
6 years ago#37

Gears of War Multiplayer is a joke.

6 years ago#38
Wait wait wait wait.

So this guy is complaining that MH doesn't tell the player anything... and then he goes, *in the same review*, and recommends Minecraft? A game with no purpose, no point, and no instructions of any kind?

Troll review is troll.
6 years ago#39
Why isnt anyone commenting on the review on the actual web site, so he can read them. Complaining here here is a total waste of time -__-
6 years ago#40

Don't care enough to make an account there.

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