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How many times did that GUY bring up homosexuality? You'd think he was a damn homophobe how many times he labels stuff as gay.
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mechawhat posted...
How many times did that GUY bring up homosexuality? You'd think he was a damn homophobe how many times he labels stuff as gay.

And he likes final fantasy, wut?

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Why does he complain about how it takes forever to kill a monster and you have to kill the same monster over and over?

First off, how is that different from Final Fantasy? Oh, right. They have color palette swaps in Final Fantasy.

Secondly, that's what Monster Hunter IS. You do nothing but fight monsters. If it took 2 minutes to kill everything, and you could make any armor you wanted with one kill, the game would have no substance, and he'd be complaining anyway.
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This post got my eye.

"You know, it's funny. Reviewers hate Monster Hunter because the game refuses to hold their hands and give them an ending on a silver platter just for being able to turn on the console and smash the controller with their flippers for a few hours. Lock-on is *the* most often cited complaint, and none of the people that complain about it acknowledge the fact that there are hundreds of Youtube videos of people having no trouble whatsoever hitting things with no lock-on. I mean christ, do reviewers do any research at all these days, or do they all just play a game for five minutes and pass judgement?"

You know, if people are b$#@hing about there not being a lock-on in the game then maybe something's up. Maybe just maybe it's a feature that would actually improve the game. I loved Resident Evil but I have to admit the combat system if f$#@ing retarded. I loved what they did in the last 2 games. RE purists must have hated it but f$#@ em, it made the game better.

And the youtube videos mean nothing. If you ever played s#@t on the old NES then you learned to get good at a game even if it had f$#@ed up controls. You learned the timing and you got it down. That's how you improved and beat the game, you learned the skills. But not everyone has the time to practice and get those skills.

I've been playing Monster Hunter since Monster Hunter 2 and I have to admit, I'd love to see them implement lock-on.
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lock-on tends to be a scapegoat for good design. MH might not be as tight as it could be, but it would be pretty pointless since you're supposed to aim everything at specific spots.
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I saw the author's picture before I was about to read it, I can no longer take this article seriously.

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Stopped reading when one of his cons was "no lock-on"
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Arcell_Garza posted...
Hmmm actually the controls aren't clunky. I haven't struggled with the controls once since learning how to actually play.

Move your character in any direction, does the character move immediately, no, that's the definition of clunky controls.

PS: I'm not complaining, just giving a fun fact.

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If he didn't like this games tutorial then it's a good thing he didn't play MHFU.

Also he says "But then if you die and have to come back, the cutscene plays again, and again, and again and there's no skipping it."

That's true only if you reload your game.