Best Lance to work towards?

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User Info: muse1988

6 years ago#1
Hey guys wondering what is the best lance,

I realize I will need different lances for different bosses (elements etc) but I am wondering what one you Lancers use most end game?

Atm I have Rampart and Gobulu Muruka

User Info: TheNeoianOne

6 years ago#2
Spiral Lance

User Info: cheesypoof999

6 years ago#3
Or Undertaker if you're lucky enough to get a rusted lance from the volcano. It's pretty much the best lance you can make offline.
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User Info: HunterJ27

6 years ago#4
Or the back of a monster....
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User Info: muse1988

6 years ago#5
What is good about the spiral lance?

User Info: moogua

6 years ago#6
I've been using Spiral Heat for quite a while now. Pretty good raw (345), and seems like a lot of things are weak to fire in this game. However, I just made the Tusk Lance+. Has less raw, but the 40% affinity more than compensates. Also has a good amount of element on it. As said, Undertaker is pretty beast as well if you can make it.

User Info: TheNeoianOne

6 years ago#7
Spiral Lance > Spiral Splash(G)
Good power, element value, and sharpness. 2 slots and a 15% affinity.

Tusk Lance > Sabertooth
Decent power, good element value, great sharpness, 2 slots and crazy Affinity

Rusted Lance > Undertaker
Good power and dragon element, not the greatest sharpness though.

User Info: Niric

6 years ago#8
Just landed a undertaker offline myself on my last Agnaktor run. I feel really lucky but I was also a little sad its attack power matches my Babel Spear, but has 250 dragon on top of that. Well, I lost a slot and 16 Def, but its got its use for that still I guess. I 'll just swap them when the Dragon is worth using.

So on that note of the differences I would recommend the Babel Spear if you can't land an Undertaker.


User Info: Slayn

6 years ago#9
Babel spear is poo. The defense is a joke.
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User Info: Dracil

6 years ago#10
I've read that Babel with Awakening skill is one of the best Fire lances.
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