Monster Hunter online, lag, and you. Explanation inside.

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Nice thread, I notice the delay with KO'ing monsters quite a bit sometimes in some random games.
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At least you're not dealing with two second delays like in Korean Monster Hunter Frontier.

I swear, KOing something when you weren't the first one in was brutal.
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It doesn't mean you're Pearl when you're not Holy.
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I was never actually aware of this, thanks for the info, explains a couple things I've come across.
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From: Setsuna X2012
Not saying you're wrong, but some people get lag confused with Frame Rate.

That's very true, but the only person who think latency is the same thing as slowdown is the kind of person that not even a guide can help.

Ugh, that brings back painful memories of explaining the difference between lag and a bad computer with one of my friends. Due to his own stubbornness to admit he doesn't know anything about technology almost gave me a mental breakdown.
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great post.

there are many variables that will come into play regarding latency. you could have the fastest connection in the world and still have lag as you are actually hopping from server to server to make your way into the game. all it takes is trouble on one of the hops for your connection to go south.

For example, this is the route from my office to gamefaqs:
2 ( 1.767 ms 1.547 ms 1.392 ms
3 ( 4.779 ms 4.697 ms ( 4.494 ms
4 ( 4.838 ms 4.882 ms 4.568 ms
5 ( 5.362 ms 6.001 ms 4.824 ms
6 ( 6.794 ms 6.167 ms 5.612 ms
7 ( 17.201 ms 16.361 ms 16.553 ms
8 ( 18.796 ms ( 16.942 ms 19.616 ms
9 ( 18.060 ms 17.952 ms ( 16.846 ms
10 ( 30.676 ms 29.059 ms 36.080 ms
11 ( 30.515 ms 29.390 ms 130.043 ms
12 ( 30.942 ms 65.673 ms 31.215 ms
13 ( 31.248 ms 30.636 ms 30.217 ms
14 ( 30.656 ms 30.491 ms 30.788 ms
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The easiest way to gauge the amount of lag you have with any given player is to kick them and see how long it takes their player to react.

I probably laughed a lot more at that than it probably warranted, but I find this hilarious.

I mean, it's a great idea for testing lag. Just, maybe not the greatest way to make friends, I suspect.

Great topic, btw
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I'm feeling lucky cause I have yet to experience a lag quest (HR40 here).

Thanks anyway!
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This is Internet Play 101 guys...does this really need a sticky? If you don't understand these basic concepts you really shouldn't be playing online.
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