Murphy's Law and the Desire Sensor

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5 years ago#41
I got 1 of each rusted weapon, and have been selling off any duplicates.
...all I'm missing is the damned lance. :(

Ah, the wonders of probability.
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5 years ago#42
Confirmed. Needed 5 Ludroth coins for Sharq Attack.

Runs 1-4: 1 coin each.
Runs 5-X: 0 coins

Run X+1, after the event is over: 5 coins.

fixed :)
Touch fuzzy, get dizzy.
5 years ago#43

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5 years ago#44
Murphy's law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong"

And people are typically wrong. That simply isn't the statement, and is completely misleading as to the point of the statement. It is one of the underlying problems that the statement points out.
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5 years ago#45
Which begs the question, why does everyone misuse the term begs the question like I just did?
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5 years ago#46
Pieke, you need to accept the fact that the term's meaning has evolved beyond its original usage. This is the modern understanding of the term. It isn't wrong, it's merely changed.

The best you can say is that it is now different from it's original incarnation. That doesn't make it wrong, just different.

Have you read the rest of the wikipedia article? The history of the term is outlined pretty extensively.

GT: lJustAlexl
(those are lowercase Ls)
5 years ago#47
"OMG! OMG! I want one!"

therefore ensuring that you will never have one.
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5 years ago#48
There has got to be some truth to this sensor. It took me forever to get a los plate because I REALLY wanted the armor. But today I get a deepdragon gem the first time I kill Cedeus, and I have not desire for anything thaty gem is used for.
5 years ago#49
I think all mh games read through material you need to make armors, weapons(etc) and lowers drop rates of the material needed.

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5 years ago#50
ah I know about this, I believe very strongly in this desire monster, I call it 'Capcom Evil'

when you really reeealllyy want something, what do you do?

you look at the preview image for it over and over again, rotating it, checking the materials needed, how much you have left, reading the description, savouring it before you go for one more attempt to get that ruby or plate...

and then you dont get it...

its simple, all the game does is remember which items you most recently looked at the most in the crafting shop... then it takes away all the rewards needed for that item which you Would have gotten, and replaces them with other ones... which is why I get 2 earth dragongems when I need just one elderdragon blood!

The game puts special importance on items that are repeatedly viewed, and ones that only need 1 more piece to finish...

answer: Dont look at the items you want! try to remember what you need off by heart...
or look at the materials you need, then reset the wii, then look at some items you don't need! It will increase your chances of getting what you want provided that same item isnt in the list for the ones you just viewed.

quest complete
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