Murphy's Law and the Desire Sensor

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6 years ago#61
It makes it clear that it used to apply to human error. It has now been generalized to apply to anything. Your misquote analogy is incorrect because that's simply a miswording of the actual quote whereas this is a new understanding of the term.

It has been developed to apply to more than just human error. You are mistaken.
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6 years ago#62
It has been developed to apply to more than just human error.

No, it hasn't. There are corollaries that do, but the law itself does not. Common Usage is every bit as wrong as 'Beam me Up, Scotty' (For the record, 'Scotty, Beam me Up' wasn't even a line of dialogue to BE misquoted until after 'beam me up, Scotty' was popularized. It isn't a misquote, it is simply wrong).
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6 years ago#63
Eh...with regard to the Star Trek line, it's closer than you think. Well before Star Trek IV, there was "Scotty, beam us up" in the original series and "Beam us up, Scotty" from the animated series so it could have been a misquote of those, especially the latter.

If Murphy's law solely applied to human error, they wouldn't provide a distinction between its more restrictively applicable origin and its broad modern usage.

At the very least, you'd think they'd include this in the list of other popular misconceptions, like Sherlock Holmes never actually saying "Elementary, my dear Watson".
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6 years ago#64
Sherlock Holmes... never said that?

Mind = blown
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6 years ago#65
Nope, never stated in any of the books. However, that line was one of the last lines in a non-canon film, The Return of Sherlock Holmes. So some people think that's where it could have originated from.
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6 years ago#66
Everything in this topic is unfortunately true. Last night I wanted to make a Gaiasp hammer which required 12 Pelagicite Ores which I could mine from the Flooded Forest. I chose to repeatedly complete the quest that requires you to slay 7 Ludroth because it was less time consuming than having to kill 12 Bnahabras (thus allowing me to "farm" the quest faster).

My first run I got 5 Pelagicite Ores. Not terrible.
My second run I got 1 Ore. One.
My third run I guessed it. ZERO. (All pick axes had broken)
My fourth run.....ZERO
My fifth run.....ZERO

So, I'm like "WTF?!" I decided to save, turn the machine off and restart, this time choosing NOT to look at the recipe for anything I was trying to make.

My sixth run I get 3 ores, ok up to 9 now.
Run seven.....ZERO
Run eight......ZERO
Run nine......3. Finally! So I go forge Gaiasp but decide to mine some different ore for another item.

First run.......9 Pelagicite ore! NINE!?!?!? And zero of the other kind!!!!

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6 years ago#67

One time this didnt apply,

I wanted to get first Longsword. All 3 carves gave Gobul Spike.

6 years ago#68

The most wonderous thing just happened.
I think the Desire Sensor is thanking me for making his existance known on these boards and making him popular.
I just did the Barroth x2 Event quest for the first time, filled with desire for hellhunter tags. I got 5 in one go. I made that jacket, and it looks awesome.
Thanks Desire Sensor, I love you for not doing your job right.
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6 years ago#69
There's a simple solution to this desire sensor and it is: don't care. If you don't care what you get and simply just say "I'll get it later" even after looking at materials needed you'll get it. I really don't care what I get and that gave me some rare stuff.

This is actually great advice! This is what I did on offline Lagiacrus for Shell Shockers, I wanted to evolve my SA and needed them.... wasn't getting any. So I said to myself "What the hell! Just keep playing for whatever!" Now even my Moga Woods Hunting runs give me at least one, and now I can't use them because I used up another item I needed for the SA!!!! lol
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