Making an armor skill calculator

#1MurkraiPosted 6/1/2010 12:32:30 PM
So, I'm bored at work and reviewing some old java code to refresh my memory in regards to programming, and as a project to work on, I decided to make an armor skill calculator for MH:Tri. I know there's one out there that is entirely in Japanese script, making it harder to understand. I know Java isn't the best language for this, but I'm not a CS major, leaving Java as my only fluent programming language.

I don't really have a timeline on this, as I mentioned, it's in downtime at work. I'll likely start working on it at home as well once I get rolling on it. Once I get it to a usable state, I will find a way to host it and I will also post up sourcecode for those interested.

My goals and milestones (Not guarantees):
First - Functional weapon/armor list divided by blademasters/gunners. Will display armor skills gained through all equipped items and decorations.
Second - Functional attack power, elemental power for weapons to display after armor skill modifications.
Third - Functional bowgun attack power, also showing by upgrades.
Fourth - Ammo load capacities.

I am aware, that by the time I finish this, there might be little point for many of the people who like to delve this deep into the theorycrafting level, but I'm going to work on it just the same as an activity for myself.

There are some things I would like to know how people would prefer to be presented:
Decorations - Should I list them by item name or stat changes? (I could possibly find a way to do both and not make the interface even more horrible than it already will likely be, but that will likely be a bit harder ^_^;)
Talismans/Charms - As these pretty much have to be presented by stat:
Would it be preferred that I leave this compeletely freeform (Easier, but leaving room for impossible combinations)

Or should I attempt to program in the limitations on what can be found (Significantly more time, probably will make second milestone)?

Ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions?
#2ArkensarkPosted 6/1/2010 12:48:54 PM
For the decorations just list them by skill points/types (People can find out the decoration names from MHTri Wiki by finding the stats they give, so feel free to leave the names out if you want).

I'm not really sure about the charms since they are so random anyway. =\

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Good luck with your project, I hope you succeed with the calculator. I dont know anything about monster hunter damages but I do know about programming.
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#4Murkrai(Topic Creator)Posted 6/1/2010 2:26:20 PM
Thanks for the advice, it makes sense. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to approach the charms.

I'm going to create a functional layout template first and then start plugging in all the information I need. I've got a list of most of the game-related variables that I will need, but as I mentioned, it's all a refresher to me, lol. I haven't programmed for a couple years. The layout will probably be the biggest struggle.

If it goes well, I hope it becomes useful for more people than myself. I personally dislike needing to tab back and forth between windows and pages to see how I can mix and match the gear.
#5DaBurkePosted 6/1/2010 2:41:55 PM
For charms, you could find the min/maxes of charms. Like, The highest evasion from a charm you could get is 10, a +7 evasion with 2 slots. This will go for everything in the B column of the chart on the link I will post. The highest A skill you can have is 4 (A+3 with 1 slot, no skill with 3 slots or A+4. For C skills, it depends on the jewel you can add with the skill, as you can get a C+10 with 2 slots.

Use this info to have max possible outcomes from charms. For a layout for charms, you could have them choose one or two skills for a charm. If one, let them pick the number perhaps in case they don't feel like finding an ultra rare evasion+7 charm with 2 slots.

If they want 2 different skills, let them choose their min/max values based on the the chart here:
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#6K_FangPosted 6/1/2010 3:07:07 PM
For the talismen/charms, I recommend just giving people to have the option to make up whatever they want.
IE: a drop down list of all the possible skills, then a 2nd drop down list of +1~+10
#7rebullet13Posted 6/1/2010 3:09:00 PM
Awesome, i know i would use it alot.
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#8DaBurkePosted 6/1/2010 3:12:35 PM

From: penguin knight | #006
For the talismen/charms, I recommend just giving people to have the option to make up whatever they want.
IE: a drop down list of all the possible skills, then a 2nd drop down list of +1~+10

This is a good idea, and I would recommend changing my old suggestion to something along the lines of using if/then statements. Sort of like have a drop down for a skill and a number drop down next to it. If the skill is a C rank skill, have a max value of 10, and a let them chose the number of slots it has. The max slots you can have for a C skill charm is 2 slots and that can be obtained with C skills +8, +9, and +10. Take a look at the chart and see what the highest skill values and slot numbers you can have on them. Not sure if you can do something like that, as I have no programming knowledge with that kind of thing.
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#9Murkrai(Topic Creator)Posted 6/1/2010 3:46:43 PM
Thank you for the information, I'm still a little new at the game itself (My first MH game), so its tiny things like that that I don't always know. All information like this is appreciated.

I also really appreciate the interest people are showing. It is certainly encouraging ^_^.
#10AoENIACPosted 6/2/2010 4:29:10 PM
A skill calculator for Tri would sure save me a lot of headaches.
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