MHTri Frequently Asked Questions (look here before you ask something)

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Congrats on the Sticky. STICKY POST TO 500!!
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Excellent. I needed a sticky to post in so that I would always have an active post when I'm not posting often.

Oh right, the guide. Good work TC. I see you also posted this at a time when most US'ers would not be awake and posting before you could finish, good foresight there.
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I have decided to post with all my alts in this thread to celebrate the awesome sticky
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Guys where do I find potions?
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This is pretty good
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ERROR DETECTED: You didn't mention GFaqs City.
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From: Dino-Squid | #036
ERROR DETECTED: You didn't mention GFaqs City.


In that case, Greed2 Gate33.

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From being able to only post on Gamespot, you can actually see who uses this god-awful site.

From this thread alone i've notcied that moonlit dragon uses this site from that fancy dragon gif ya got in ur profile pic.

Also nice info, it really helped me beat barrioth
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also sun falcon has a nice close up of captain falcon