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3 years ago#1
Someone come high five me. I finally got the Fearsome Maw off the Gigganox. +__+
3 years ago#2
Good for you.
3 years ago#3
Nice. What are you going to use it on? The Para lance?

I'm fond of Bloodguilty Maw. It's a 0.9 barrel so it's only mediocre for Pierce but RF Poison can be loads of fun. Really only effective on Uragaan, Barroth and Diablos - each volley is worth 75 Poison (100 with Bonus Shot). With Combines and Poison lv2, you can theoretically poison Uragaan 8 times! Also, Bloodguilty Maw is an awesome name.
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3 years ago#4
UlNin posted...
Also, Bloodguilty Maw is an awesome name.

It sounds like a heavy metal band. Awesome!
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3 years ago#5

3 years ago#6
You carved the wrong end. It's fearsome, but it's not a maw.

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