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3 years ago#1
I've been an ls user for a while and just tried the hammer. It seems pretty sweet and I know it's mainly for smashing skulls. I'm wondering if it's only effective on heads or can it be used on legs and other spots too? Not for stunning them out of course but as general damage or is the head the only way to go with a hammer.?
3 years ago#2
Head is generally the best hitzone. Diablos and Uragaan are actually the exceptions, where you want to pound the belly. But in a group, you're probably still better off going for a KO for your team.
3 years ago#3
Actually hitting uragaan on the head is good. As a hammer user you are the best one for stunning and a decent hammer can stun Uragaan 3-4 times alone.

Diablo's head somehow bounces hammers unless you use the superpound.

It really helps to lay pitfall traps when theres a hammer, if the monster gets stunned while inside the trap the stun status overrides the trap, and the monster wont try to get out of the trap until it recovers from the stun.

Theres actually some cheap tactics if you get 2 endgame hammers, 2 paralize longswords and pitfall traps; Hr Uragaan goes down in 4-6 minutes with this.
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3 years ago#5
If you do hit areas of the monster other than the head, you still do exhaust damage which will make it stand there catching it's breath for a moment, too.

On that 2 hammer, 2 para sword team, I'd like to see a 2 para hammer and 2 shadow binder with Punish Draw team. Or 4 shadowbinder with punish draw team. Four simultaneous punish draw on the head of a monster!
3 years ago#6
I could see the players with punish draw but the hammers need to have purple sharpness if you go for a fast kill. the two LS have more than enough time to paralize while uragaan is stunned and viceversa.
3 years ago#7
KOs are awesome, but if you're soloing then sometimes the head isn't where you want to be. Uragaan and Diablos are definitely soft underbelly monsters, as is Barroth. All three of these Brute Wyverns will take more damage anywhere else. The Leviathans are also a bit different. Royal Ludroth should definitely be hit in the head, but Lagiacrus and Gobul are pretty much equally good down the centre (head-neck-body-back-not limbs). I don't know how to hammer Agnaktor, Jho or Alatreon.
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3 years ago#8
Oh yeah barroth. Whenever I go for the head, I hit the everything else, so I forgot about that.
3 years ago#9
Thanks for all the information guys. Every little bit helps.
3 years ago#10
Even the contradicting opinions?
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