When do you expect we'll have a private server available?

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3 years ago#11
Ok, I have everything setup now.

MH3 uses SLL authentification. The server is still running, but what it does right now is send a message back to the client (your Wii) telling it to "f***off". The next step now is to decrypt the stuff the client and the server are exchanging.

The Wii tries to connect to a server which is owned by Nintendo of America ( BTW I'm using the EUR version of MH3. Now I have to setup a fake server routing everything to it.

There're still hundreds of entries I have to check, so it will take some time.
3 years ago#12
3 years ago#13
3 years ago#14
Great job! Keep it up!
3 years ago#15
It's far to soon to congratulate me for anything :)

I setup an old notebook with linux, that will be our server for everything from now on. So as soon as I make some real progress, I can easily bring it online for everyone to connect to.

The official Nintendo server is running an OpenSSL server and it uses 1024-bit RSA encryption. The certificate is best before the year 2036, so I guess when this year comes someone will have to think about something else :)

Oh and it looks like this is only a standard handshake with the Nintendo server, after this, the Wii tries to contact a japanese Capcom server ( The stuff they exchange is not even encrypted !
3 years ago#16
Thats interesting. Keep up the good work, fart!
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3 years ago#17
Great work so far, John Fart! I also have the EU-version MHTri, so looking forward to this ^_^).
I hope this also will help us with the online-only arena coins (+ maybe even Events).
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3 years ago#18
My old laptop is crap. Nothing works properly, it's ressources are just to small. I'll have to invest into a cheap, new notebook for $400 and a wlan stick which has proper linux drivers. It's a mess with the one I have now because it's running on ndiswrapper and nothing works right. It's just I don't know what bills to pay first at the moment, I'm broke :(
3 years ago#19
For awhile, the only thing I could think was, "Why is everyone saying fart." I finally decided to look at your user name.

I facepalmed so hard, I think I heard the Internet cuss me out.
3 years ago#20
Sorry to hear that, John Fart Trust us, there's no rush at all (we have till 2036, remember? ^_-) Take the time you need and post here when there's news in your own time.

You're our hero for even TRYING to undertake this task! ^__^
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