When do you expect we'll have a private server available?

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3 years ago#81
Man, this is brilliant. Kudos to everyone contributing to this!
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3 years ago#82
Thank you John for everything you are doing! Am just like many of yall I have played monster hunter ever since it first came to ps2 and then psp. But sadly I dont have the money to just go and get the WII u. Whenever you do get the servers up I'd be happy to play with you on tri. I have a friend who is in progress of making his own video game so maybe he or one of the people who are working with him could help you out some. They are busy but I could still ask. Just tell me in layman's terms of what u need and ill ask him.
3 years ago#83
hey john, you should post a paypal or something we can put donations into.
3 years ago#84
Thanks, at the moment I can manage everything myself. Later I could use some help in programming. Ask him if he is familiar with the C language (not C++).

As for donations, do you think someone would donate ? It could speed up things a bit, there's some stuff I still need to buy.
3 years ago#85
if you manage to get this server up and running, some people would gladly donate just for the fact that you managed it.
3 years ago#86
Well before this will be running I need to buy some more things. A used Wii to capture the data for 60 Euros. A cheap used notebook as a better server and a Windows 2003 Server license, each 100 Euros. I will buy everything myself, but if someone wants to contribute it's not a bad idea. If someone wants to donate, send me a PM and I'll send my Paypal adress. Every buck counts !

P.S. To give you a good reason, everyone who donates will automatically join the beta tester team so be one of the first to play on my server !
3 years ago#87
I remembered something important about the japanese servers. We can't go online using an USB Loader, I can't check if the online is still opened :v/. It's not the case for the western servers because I was able to go online through an USB Loader, plus the Wii Speak is supported ^^.

Otherwise I found the differences between japanese and western quest files. A japanese quest has less space for the quest name and uses an algorithm to crypt each piece of string data (= texts), the quest structure itself doesn't change. That only moves some pointers but nothing else. This way we have a possible way to convert japanese event/arena quests if you find them ;v).
3 years ago#88
So in the end this means I have to get the japanese version. Another 20 Euros I have to pay --'
3 years ago#89
I think the option to play online mode without an internet connection and be in the city would be cool. But I cannot get it to work. I almost guarantee there is a server check. Because I used the Homebrew App. (Offline Network Enabler) and would start loading the city, But at 20% would just progress no further.
3 years ago#90
Yes or you've to burn the game on a DVD-R using your backup. This method works but you've to install a CIOS to get the japanese virtual keyboard working. I play MH3 using Hermes uLoader the only one who was able to play the game when it was released. This loader only supported HDD when I played Japanese MH3. Now it does support burned backup games and official game discs.

In spite of I wasn't able to go online, I found a video showing us the japanese online servers and they are still opened :

That's a good news but for how long ?

(I'm still working on my savegame editor and by accident I edited the wrong bytes to find the value of some Chacha's stats and it changed the quest destinations. I saw the Navaldeus in the Desert it was AMAZING as the cinematic :vP.)
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