I could use some help. (Back-up related)

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3 years ago#1
So I haven't played or kept up with MH3 for the past 2 years or so, and I thought I'd get back into it and I thought it would be a good idea to make a back up using configurable USB on my now soft-modded Wii and try playing online for presumably faster loading times whilst grinding. (HR186 bowgunner/sns main btw)

Needless to say, after I backed up my game and tried loading it from an external usb device I discovered I could not load past the title screen.
I can play the arena and I can watch the little videos, but anything else and the game just seems to crash.
I can play the original disk just fine, and have no problems getting into the village from it.
Also found out theres no more online play when I tried it. :(

I'm not particularly experienced enough with this sort of thing, and I've found a few suggestions but for the most part they seem to be either rather outdated or don't seem to do anything.

I've also heard you can still play online-quests offline somehow and I am interested in doing so, but first I'd like to know how to play the game off my own back-up. :d
Common sense seems to be more uncommon.
3 years ago#2
Since no one replied, I am quite familiar with backup content.

You need different IOS for USBloader games, ESPECIALLY Monster Hunter Tri.

What you need to do is get CIOS manager/installer and install IOS 222/223 with Hmes 38 and 37 merged, which will give access to Villiage content and such without crashing. Set the IOS to 223 and you'll be fine in that area.

To play Custom Quests, download Ultimate Monster Hunter Tri V4 mod, which I consider the best mod out there, the thing is you have to use your original disk, which is something you said you had. Use it with riivolution to enable cheats and custom textures, armors, and weapons. Then on the offline counter, there will be a good number of quests that give high rank materials (On G rank setting). You have really nice custom weapons with unique attributes and elements, and epic hunting quests like double alatreon, which is a pain alone.

Bottom line, good mod, horribly difficult quests. I'm a hunter rank 247 gunner btw.
Playing Monster Hunter G. Not 3G, first gen is best gen ^_^
3 years ago#3
Ah thanks for that, I managed to install the right IOS and was able to get in the village from the USB loader/Back-up.
Also managed to get Ultimate Monster Hunter Tri mod, which is pretty epic. xD
It's a shame that you can't can't use Riivolution on any back-ups, though I can imagine why they did that.

P.S.~ I love my new Master Sword. :p
Common sense seems more uncommon.
3 years ago#4
I'm a big fan of the Magikarp hammer.

Tell me if you solo double Jhen on G-Rank, I'll bow down to you. :D
Playing Monster Hunter G. Not 3G, first gen is best gen ^_^
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