After months of playing, I finally cleared all quests

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Shmey posted...
My favorite thing is to bring Cha Cha and use the point gesture to get him to run into the the gas vents when they go off while waiting for the nodes to respawn.

That's a thing!?!?
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kuhchung posted...
I have ZERO idea how to greatsword barroth.

First you make a bowgun.
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Master_Zebra I can stream this game!!!!!!!!!
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Hi! First of all, sorry for the late reply, I've been a bit busy these days and didn't have time to come to the board.

It's cool that you're making videos now, I'll go check them out when. This will be great! I'll get to see the great kuhchung in action! That should help me improve my skills a bit
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I wouldn't go that far
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kuhchung posted...
I wouldn't go that far

I've seen the videos, and neither would I.


R.I.P. MH Tri Online :-( I play phone games now...
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Streaming is kind of stressful. I do tons of stupid sh*t and then I feel embarrassed and I'm also trying to read stream chat when my old Tri friends come hang out with me and that causes me to do more stupid sh*t
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You get more slack when streaming though. No one is expecting a perfect polished Heroics double Bari runs because you are posting a live performance and not the one good run out of months of failing.

Streaming is like live teevees, so people adjust for that. YouTubes of archived stream sessions carry the same expectations. It was a good video other than ending kinda weird.
Confession Time: I am a button masher
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