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StickyREAD FIRST: FAQ - With answers to the most common questions! (v.3) (Sticky)
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Does this still work? (Archived)sheeplenk8836/24 1:59PM
So I suppose that this is the worst Pokemon game ever. (Archived)BalloonBattle0516/11 3:39PM
Every once in a while I boot this up (Archived)benoit48915/28 7:57AM
i read the sticky, but another mew question... (Archived)Toejm68643/11/2014
Please add me (Archived)Dark_zokie12/11/2013
You know, I rather like this, very cute! (Archived)Bronco_Buster8912/1/2012
free pokemon question (Archived)Heartless900900112/23/2011
Okay now : FINAL QUESTION ! (Archived)TOOH07111/11/2011
shiny (Archived)TcidenebT110/22/2011
Has anyone ever had the game read all your Pokemon as Bad Eggs? (Archived)badgraphix119/11/2011
What am I missing?! (Archived)OneManPowerTrip26/24/2011
What happens if you get all Pokemon? (Archived)CHOVI316/2/2011
pokemon ranch trainer id (Archived)rockerbryan35/25/2011
I'll probably start pulling my Pokemon out of the ranch soon. (Archived)Kayube44/1/2011
Please Reply Soon. (Archived)Ryuklovesapples22/27/2011
Over 9000 years passed... (Archived)Dome89x61/1/2011
Manaphy Egg? (Archived)kittycatcorn212/22/2010
for those who want to trade between Diamond and Pearl read this. (Archived)shenran28/24/2010
Lost my Diamond game (Archived)luxuryboytoy38/22/2010
Post here if you think My Pokemon Ranch was a waste of Nintendo Points. (Archived)kyukyuhates38/7/2010
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