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7 years ago#1
So, the last time I successfully played was on 12/28. The way I always end my game is Start>Save & Quit, wait for the title screen, then quit the game via the PS menu. However, today when I went to load my game, it would just pretty much sit at the image of Ormagoden with the spinning axe, saying "Loading". It never loads.

I recently purchased and installed the Infinite Fate DLC, so that may have something to do with it, because when I quit the game I had the Zaulia threads equipped.

I tried deleting the two game data files under the Game Data folder and letting the patches plus the game re-install to no avail. I was able to start a new game on another profile and load a (freshly started) game. I don't know what's going on, i don't see how I could have corrupted the save file when I take every precaution not to!

Is there anyway to uninstall the DLC? Any other suggestions?
7 years ago#2
Well, I would of said dirty/scratched disk or broken laser, but you said you were able to load a new game on another profile, so that's probably not the case. I doubt it's the new DLC's fault, I don't think there has been any problems related to it yet.

Sounds like you might of just gotten the short end ot the stick and had your file corrupted. Although. Try copying the savefile onto a usb drive or something, deleting it, and copying it back. Might not do anything, but at this point it's worth a shot.
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7 years ago#3
Unfortunately I too have had the same problem. I managed to have gotten everything story related but the concept art needed for metal god trophy. The last thing i had done was make out with Ophelia in the mountain man outfit.

I attempted everything hoping maybe something was corrupt reinstalled updates and DLC, formatted the HDD. Even tried not updating and playing offline; the weird thing is that its likely the coding for the game or an oversight in the DLC as if you play the multiplayer or start a new game it retains all the fans and artwork you've unlocked from you save.
7 years ago#4
Add me to this unfortunate club. Hopefully there's a patch on the way :(

I had 1 more serpent to go for 100%...
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7 years ago#5
It really sucks. It must be some kind of bug since I simply can't believe that the save file simply corrupted for the same reasons you guys listed. All of the chapter info and such is there; it just can't load into the game's world from the save.
7 years ago#6
Wow, I just got hit with this as well. Now I can't load my file, and I was right at the final battle! :(
7 years ago#7
There's 2 seperate DLCs correct? I only purchased the 2nd, how about you guys? I know that shouldn't change things but who knows
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7 years ago#8
I have the same problem, it started this weekend. I've been playing BL since launch and have never had an issue. I was on the final mission on brutal diff, started playing multplayer this weekend, grinded my 50 online wins, and now my single player game won't load. I'm not saying MP is the cause, but it's the only thing I started doing differently. Double Fine support suggested it was my PS3 or a dirty disc. Yeah, right.........

I even deleted all BL files from my PS3, and let it reinstall both updates. I still sit there at the loading screen.

I posted my issue on YouTube.

Let Double Fine know there's a bug here!
7 years ago#9
Anybody having any luck here?
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7 years ago#10
Really sad I'm not going to be able to obtain the platinum for this game. I even like just doing stage battles vs the AI
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