Help! I need advice for mission 21...

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I bought this game 4 years ago... and I stopped playing because of this mission... I've never beat this game... >_<

Sometimes I played it again and this mission was there, waiting for me... but no more! I call for help... you, my interwebs brothers and sisters... I need your tactics, strategies and advices!!

Please....? =/
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Okay, first priority, send a bike around to the island on the far left attached to your portion of land.
There is a factory on this island, possessing it gives you a nice security fail safe, it also helps bait the enemy sea presence and aircraft presence.
From here the next priority is nearby cities and the central tiny island, be aware a lander will be attempting to land invading forces on the island to attempt a capture so you will want to arrive here as fast as possible.
Final thing to aim for is a security force guarding the two bridges. I suggest a force of two rockets, a flare, and an Anti-tank in a triangle formation. With the anti-tank taking the square 1 south between the two bridges. A rocket one south, one east, and one south, one west respectivly. And the flare 2 squares south of the anti-tank. You can then build a rig to resupply this diamond formation. It gives adequate fire cover. As the ammunition and flares are resupplied each turn.
Be very wary of advancing your forces forward as there are heavy tanks and rcoket units waiting.

To establish this forcem aim to have it done in about 4-7 days.

From here, begin to build a navy, use missile boats to bait in the larger units, and if you can build a small long ranger firing squad on the far west island i told you to capture, you should be able to force back most of the navy.
A good navy will consist of about 2 subs, a carrier, 2 cruisers, and as many battleships as you can possibly muster.
The battleships provide the main form of fire support, when ever you have 15,000 spare, and you don't need a tank to begin an assault, build a sea plane. These can fire on all units. Just be wary of anti-air being built at the nearby factories.

Use the battle ships to flesh out the enemy force to the far north east past the bridges using the flare to light up some of the enemy postions, preferably those of the rockets as they enjoy hiding in the forests. Keep your aircraft carrier near to your ground force, you don't want to lose it!
Also be sure to keep a battleship near your defending cruisers and subs. You;ll need one to destroy incoming cruisers.

Try and take the enemy held north east factory by days 20~
Remember you have 40 days, this should be ample time provided you learn when to push them back, you don't want themn forming a meat wall around their factories or you'll be dead in the water without mass battleship and aircraft support.

From here, continue to build navy, the ground support should now be minimal as you can easily out produce them. Destroy the navy and position subs around the enemy held ports, with a battle ship covering each of the ports incase a cruiser is built.
It may be worth building a temporary port on the pininsula for easy sub refuelling.
Again be wary of a rocket hiding near the headquarters as it can cause problems.

This should secure you victory. with a good few days to spare.

If it does not, try this, its a turn by turn guide.
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I tried to edit my previous post but I deleted... >_<

Anyway, I did it... I finally did it... I beat mission 21!! T__T

*sheds manly tears of joy*
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if you hated this. mission 26 will be painful.
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If anyone needs help with mission 26 just say so. I've played campaign numerous times over, and I consider myself an expert with it.

I can help you get S rank in no time.

No really. I'm better than the war room itself.