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7 years ago#1
Hey there, new to FE, & just out of curiosity: When Is the most viable time for a class change? Any reason to max out the character's original class? What is max level?
7 years ago#2
viable time? well ima not really sure maybe like once you get someone or when they promote at least... maxing out a characters original class does sorta have its benefits... like say you have Cain. he has some pretty great growths as a paladin. so you can basically get the level ups that the paladin class can get you and then class change to have some good stats in the end... are you aware of class base growths? what i said might be confusing... and max level is 20/20... meaning 20 then you promote and reach lvl 20 again.. sometimes its 30 for the characters that cant promote like Marth and theives.
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7 years ago#3
As a rule, if you want to reclass a unit, you should do so as soon as possible. For instance, say you want to make Draug into a Dark Mage - every chapter you leave him in Knight is a chapter he's not gaining Magic or building his tome rank.

Max level for most units (anything that can class change) is 20. After reaching level 10, you can use a Master Seal to promote a unit, moving them into the (superior) promoted class set and bringing their displayed level back down to 1. So a unit that joins at level 1 unpromoted can theoretically gain 38 levels, though I wouldn't recommend trying for it unless you want to make a Wi-Fi team. Naturally, units such as Jagen that are promoted already are not capable of promoting again.

Side note: Pegasus Knights can also promote with the Elysian Whip (from the Wi-Fi store.) Only available on certain days, and it's not worth looking - this gets them access to Falcoknight instead of Dracoknight, but Dracoknight is overall superior.

Units that cannot class change, such as Marth, max out at level 30.
7 years ago#4
also its sorta worth mentioning too though that once someone class changes they get better weapon rank in the different classes too. (well not really better because its the base weapon rank)... like for example Cain. if i were to use him as a cavalier he can get some good levels in str and def. then after promotion if i change him to sniper then he'll automatically have a C in bows even though he didnt use them at all before. its cause sniper have a base C in bows. looking at bases can be pretty useful.

like MalcolmMasher said though, for units that are going through like big changes, like Cord into a Sorceror. then its better to start right from the beginning. by big changes i mean mostly like a class that deals damage through str turning into like a mage that uses magic.
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7 years ago#5
Many thanks! Shadow Dragon is my 1st FE game, & I'm really digging it so far. A real nice change of pace compared to titles like Disgaea & FF Tactics.

Also, are the console FE's as good as the 2d ones? Should I check out Path of Radiance before Radiant Dawn, being that the latter is a true sequel to the above mentioned title?
7 years ago#6
I prefer Blazing Sword (FE7, or just "Fire Emblem" stateside) to the console versions myself. And yes, I would recommend playing Path of Radiance before Radiant Dawn.

Just be warned; none of the other FEs have a reclass feature (as far as I'm aware), only promotion.
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