i regret trading this in

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4 years ago#1
thought about blasting through the nes classic the other day only to remember i traded it in for battlefield 3
while the game wasnt well received its actually a great game if you just go into it remembering its a NES game with updated graphics. i played it nonstop and beat it in a few days. when BF3 came out i thought i wouldnt need to play it again and traded it in. and now its gone :(
4 years ago#2
i usually find myself getting nostalgic for all the US released FEs. not really for the story, cause i'll just mash B or start. but for playing each specific chapters really. so i end up replaying every FE i own every now and then. i'm actually in the middle of replaying FE8. and i've had the longest FE10 nostalgia attack since December.
i literally have nothing relevant to put here. i just don't want my posts looking so short.
4 years ago#3
Which on is FE8? Sacred Stones?
4 years ago#4
BrianCraigSmith posted...
Which on is FE8? Sacred Stones?

Yeah, it's SS.
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4 years ago#5
I shoudl really get this game cause if i grab it i own all the US made FE games. Granted i wasnt terribly in love with it but know i have a better expectation of it to. I tried it upon its release but never really bothered to buy it cause i wasnt really feeling it but i might go grab it just cause.
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4 years ago#6
You should definitely get this again. That way I'll have someone else to play against via Wi-Fi.
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