Supply Shed

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User Info: DreamFaith

7 years ago#1
What kinds of materials can be put in the supply shed? Because my rucksack is beginning to get full.

Thanks a lot!

User Info: Ragnawind

7 years ago#2
The supply shed can only store Lumber, Material Stone, and Golden Lumber, but you have to upgrade it first.

User Info: LightHawKnight

7 years ago#3
upgrade your house, and you can buy the cabinet and fridge.
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User Info: apeaceful1

7 years ago#4

Once you have the cabinet you can keep all your lumber/stone/rocks/sticks etc in there. Gannon will use the actual lumber the same as if it was in the supply shed. It saves some bucks on upgrading the supply shed ~ that hard earned money can be used elsewhere!

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