Capcom bought a license to GGPO

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8 years ago#1
Capcom has purchased a license to use GGPO, the best peer-to-peer networking technology for fighting games, designed by Tony "Ponder" Cannon to be used in all of its future titles, including Street Fighter IV (most likely given the last line), to provide lagless gameplay worldwide in its products.

w00t lagless online play~
8 years ago#2
I just started crying with joy. FINally a online game that wont fail :D
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8 years ago#3
I guess this means that Capcom's gonna be putting out more fighting games. What else are they working on right now? There's a Vs. game, right? Anything else?
8 years ago#4
Finally, a big time company willing to actually pay for some superior work of, fans? I'm guessing GGPO was made by someone in his spare time due to his dedication to fighting games.
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