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What's with this game changing the control scheme randomly? (Archived)Big_Ducky44/21/2008
Unlocking Virtua squad stage (Archived)_Jecht_14/19/2008
Fill the Tag Before it fades. (Archived)Aurora_Woodston34/17/2008
Wait.....what?? (Archived)SSJZoro14/17/2008
any ideas how good this game is? (Archived)H3A3L3O64/14/2008
I don't exactly understand the controls for the wiimote + nunchuck.. (Archived)
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Is this game worth the upgrade from Wii sports? (Archived)Womackd54/12/2008
wooo! Finnished it 100% (Archived)TheGBAman34/9/2008
Why do Nintendo fans not like Sega games? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
I don't understand...Why doesnt Sega just... (Archived)SmplySablicious54/7/2008
Wii controls work good? (Archived)Blazinrican34/7/2008
Which version should I get? (Archived)Sonic2Shadow74/7/2008
$30 Gamecrazy, Circuit City, price matching elsewhere... (Archived)breakingcustom914/6/2008
Only $29.99 at GAMECRAZY this week! (Archived)Oda-sama34/6/2008
You know what they should do next? (Archived)SR71halo14/6/2008
They should have had Garam instead of Gum (Archived)Linkx2064/4/2008
Big zombie problems! (Archived)Puppet_Geno14/4/2008
can you use the gamecube controller for this game? (Archived)DJPLACE64/4/2008
Is anyone else having Sound issue with Sega Allstars Tennis? (Archived)sega_197814/4/2008
Help with Super Monkey Ball Trick Shots! (Archived)MizzDiamondz64/4/2008
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