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Posted: 7/19/2008 12:31:39 PM
(11) How can you use Glaives properly at all?!
I had a bit of trouble with this myself; I've never gotten down how to use it the way the game tells you (Basically, hold the wii-mote upwards for it to charge, then swing it down). I've found another (easier IMO) way to do it however (sure someone else has found this too though). Start your attack by shaking the wii-mote; this will cause the glaive to start charging its attack. Once you stop shaking, the glaive will attack. Start shaking again right after you stop charging the first attack to start charging the second attack, then stop shaking the wii-mote to attack again when you want. Rinse, lather, repeat. Then you have mastered glaives! Not to difficult, is it?

(12) Are there any miss-able Items?
I'll say this first: Everything important is NOT miss-able. Such as Stray beads, brush techniques. There IS one animal, it is a dog, it is in the area after Yoshpet forest (NOT Agata forest). There is also a monster, Fire Doom Mirror; he is miss-able in a dungeon when you are small. Just engage in battles to find him.

(13) Are there any one-time dungeons?
Yes.... Just like in the PS2 FAQ, I'll list the dungeons that are not 1 time only.
Tsuta Ruins, Gale Shrine, Sunken Ship, Catcall Tower, Yoshpet Forest (Not area after), and Wawku Shrine.

(14) Are treasures good for anything else besides selling?
No, sell them... NOW.

(15) If you drown in water, does it count as dying?
Nope, you just get some health taken away. So drowning doesn't count in deaths for the end-game rankings.

(16) Is it possible to get those treasure chests under the water?
Yes, once you find a way to walk on water, or can draw lily pads for the same effect. All you have to do is get above the chests, then powerslash them. The treasures inside will float up to the top.

(17) What happens when I get all stray beads?
You get an artifact that gives you 10 times the attack power, infinite ink, and invincibility. This only works on New Game +.

(18) How do I use the Astral pouch?
You don't, it uses itself (as long as you have it at 200 points of food in it) when you die. You can get a total of four via praise. So if they are all full, you can die 4 times before you actually can die.

(19) What's up with those statues in Shinshu fields...?
You make offerings to them, to make an offering you need a vase from the Nameless main in Shinshu fields. You can do that after you beat the demon gate near his house. You can then get a vase from him to take to one of the statues for praise. Sometimes you have to progress further in the story to do this, the last one is right before the last part of the game..

(20) Why is there a skull/red/yellow/green sticker-thing at the corner of my screen?
That is Ammy's god-hood. It keeps you from getting hurt in battle.
The below list explains about each level.
Green: You can take 3 hits without getting hurt. Changes to yellow after getting hit.
Yellow: You can take 2 hits without getting hurt. Changes to red after getting hit.
Red: You can take 1 more hit without getting hurt. Changes to null (no picture) after getting hit.
Null: You can get hurt when you get hit.
Skull: You can only get skull if you run away from battle or falling in miasma while you have Null status. (Credit to AzNsHaDoW553 for that accurate description)

(21) I can't find the monsters on the wanted list! And they re-spawned for like the fifth time!
Lagoona has a nice map:
And make sure you don't leave the area before getting them all! As they'll re-spawn!


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