What Was your best digimon team?

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8 years ago#1
My best was victoryGreymon Slayerdramon And Breakdramon And i beat the championship a lot with this team. too bad this game doesn't have DNA then i can get Examon
8 years ago#2
mine is very similar VictoryGreymon, Slayerdramon, and ZeedGarurumon
8 years ago#3
imagine u can DNA ZeedGarurumon And VictoryGreymon into A Super Omnimon
8 years ago#4
My best team when I first started playing was a Z'dGarurumon and two Victory Greymons. When I got the US version and actually had some time to play and could understand everything, it was a Metal Seadramon and two Victory Greymons.

Sure, MtlSeadramon isn't as strong as Slayerdramon or Z'dGarurumon, but his support moves were great and helped me win plenty of matches.
8 years ago#5

Zeedgarurumon and Victorygreymon create Ultima Omnimon.

My best team was Victorygreymon Slayerdramon, and Dianamon.

8 years ago#6
Slayerdramon, Machinedramon & BK Wargreymon , then Beelzemon, oops i forget Beelze is not in this game :P
Want to know 5 fact/reason why Beelzemon is the coolest Digimon ever exist ?
See my Quote at my profile. Cause text limitation :)
8 years ago#7
zeed and victory?? together?? x_x ooohhhhh
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