AAAAAARRRGHHHHH (may contain spoilers)

#1TedhaunGaoGaoPosted 5/10/2010 11:44:10 AM
I cant find any upgrades to my creature!! He has the Bonestickler hand, the Leeyotch mouth, the Coverleaf, the Cloppity feet, the Sporsalfins, and NO WEAPONS!!! I CANNOT find the upgrades, I cant beat the combat master, I cant get past the Moonlight Walkway because I need better parts (maybe I could beat the moon-fruit stealing creature Fitzzie or whatever his name is to get the spit part) and all the parts I ever get from bone piles and other creatures are downgrades to my current parts or eyes and useless details like Ehhwot.

Could you pleez help, anybody?? :'(
#2Skygor_IIPosted 5/10/2010 1:46:20 PM
I don't know what levels the parts you give are. However I do know that if you -don't- fight the Combat Master you should only have maybe 2-4 level 2 {jaw, hand, feet}.

If you have dug up every bone pile you can reach you can try the Smack & Snack. Kick every creature, including the "nice" ones until you fight them, they give you an item, or start repeating what they say. The ones you don't fight, you can try giving them a piece of Orange Fruit by pointing and using the A button--or was it the B?--to drag and drop the fruit to a creature.

If you still don't have anything, defeating the Combat Master gives you very nice attacking parts. But as you said you are having trouble. Put on an Armor piece (to improve your Block) and spend 5 "lives" just dodging the Combat Master. Don't try to attack, just watch how he moves and practice avoiding him. Also are you side stepping? If you press up or down when you jump you can dodge attacks very easily.
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My creature right now:

Name: Graklom
Mouth: Gnathognasher
Feet: Cloppity
Hand: Bonestickler
Weapons: Fawnitrix, Hockitlauncher
Detail: Coverleaf, Osteoflippy, Sporsalfin

I just got to the part where you have to sing with Grub to free the Yeti, but I can't get in sync with him, I wind up failing with broken notes all the time

Does anyone have suggestions on improving my creature? Once I free the Yeti I have to attach the wings...but I just CAN'T BEAT THE SINGING CONTEST and I'll probably get a failure part once I beat the singing contest, and I can't practice on the sing master in Ancient Grounds, so I am forced to kick him all the time. :'(

What should I do?
#4Skygor_IIPosted 5/11/2010 12:40:38 PM
The trick with singing is to hold the Wiimote completely vertical for the up and down parts. Don't try to imitate the 45 degree angle, just stick with strait up and down.
#5TedhaunGaoGao(Topic Creator)Posted 5/11/2010 2:03:12 PM


Name: Graklom
Hand: Torisonwrencher
Mouth: Gnathognasher
Feet: Cloppity
Weapons: Ultramegadeer, Spraybuchet
Detail: Osteoflippy, Sporsalfin, Branch Deco

The problem with the singing contest with Grub is that even though I tilt the Wiimote with my wrist in different directions to copy Grub, the Wiimote on the screen is not moving. I tilt it up, it stays in the middle. I am forced to wave my whole arm up and down just for the stupid Wiimote to register that I want it to point up, down or at the screen. I've charged my remote up every time something like this happens, but it still DOES NOT work. What is wrong with my remote??
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OK Nevermind I beat Grub now I'm in Mushroom Grove trying to bust up all the red crystals.


Name: Graklom
Hand: Pointer
Mouth: Gnathognasher
Feet: The Clawman
Weapons: Ultramegadeer, Spraybuchet
Detail: Fauxry Wings, Pool-Party Foul, Branch Deco

So lets forget about Grub. It took a while for the Yeti to eat the darned moon fruit, I kept dropping it on him and eventually he ate it. Now I have to beat Mushroom Grove and then Moonlit Cavern.