How hard and can you change difficulty mid-game?

#1theomuttPosted 3/16/2010 10:12:19 AM
Just wondering how hard you guys are finding the game on normal.

Also, can you change difficulty whenever or only at the start?

#2egopetePosted 3/16/2010 10:13:23 AM
normal seems pretty easy

i only died twice, and that was because of deaths during fights or boss battles....
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#3Nudi60Posted 3/16/2010 10:17:51 AM

I haven't played a whole lot of GoW 1 and 2 - basicly just played through them prior to GoW 3.. I found it quite nicely tuned, actually.. there were some times were I sat neck-deep in trouble i.e. when I have no Rage of the spartans before a giant battle, where it would be really spot on to use it, but eventually I managed to get through all those situations. You can change the difficulty - but only down, as far as I know.. If you die a lot of times at one particular encounter, the game will offer you to turn to easy difficulty.