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6 years ago#1
little surprised the thread isn't in the first couple of pages (or adequately named I guess) so I post again, how to beat zeus in the Gaia Heart Chamber arena.

I haven't tried super hard to beat him yet but I'm thinking there's a trick to this? As technically he cannot kill zeus with his weapons alone (just going on the plot line so far has said) so I was wondering, is there a trick or do I just have to beat him down really bad.
6 years ago#2
I found it surprisingly easy the first time just beating him senseless with the cestus, countering with the fleece and knocking him away from her heart when he goes to refil, So the 2nd time around I just did L1+X then entire time, and it worked well too, then only time I changed it up was if I got knocked to far I'd switch the the BoE and L1+O to get back in the action quick. I guess the main thing is to keep him from refilling on life at her heart, when it gets to the QTE just pay attention and don't screw up, no real strategy, it's somewhat of a patter, L1 and R1 alternating, tap O, at one point you may need to flick the stick in a half circle, but if you screw up a little it'll just set you back a tiny bit you won't get killed and have to start all over.
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6 years ago#3
OMG?! YOU FIGHT ZEUS?! =( no reason to get this game now, thanks a lot. oh snape kills dumbledore, darth vader is luke's father, the planet of the apes is actually earth, and the psychologist was dead 99% of the movie. cccccccccombobreaker. Check that out!
6 years ago#4
As an addendum to the previous posters post, Snape and Dumbledore planned this murder long before it took place. DUN DUN DUN
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6 years ago#5
quick more spoilers! It was actually current times but the people were living on a reservation and wanted to live that way, oh and the creatures were actually humans in costumes lol. Check that out!
6 years ago#6
Leia and Luke are actually brother and sister, it's was actually old man jenkins, Billy's mother was the murderer, There was no secret window he was just insane, the rich doctor was actually the murderer from hell, the princess wasn't in this castle either, they get to the next town just in time for containment procedures to begin there, he dreamed the whole ting.
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6 years ago#7
more spoilers idiot
6 years ago#8
I'm having the mods killed if they don't rape this topic.

I've been modded pretty harshly for mentioning that last one from Robo before.
Reason? Concise arguments? Well ordered thoughts? On GFAQS? Clearly you are a lunatic sir!
6 years ago#9
The thing is, I'm not mentioning any titles to spoil it so someone reading it would nvr know what I am talking about until the saw the movie till the end... so really im not spoiling anything. Check that out!
6 years ago#10
does it matter if you beat him?
if you are just going to die ?
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