Can you get trophies in the combat arena?

#1Merc009Posted 3/18/2010 11:33:21 PM
#2GhettoMousePosted 3/18/2010 11:33:55 PM
No. . .e
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#3Merc009(Topic Creator)Posted 3/18/2010 11:37:51 PM
Thats lamEEEEE

Am I supposed to kick 50 hounds and blind 100 people in one playthrough?
#4Alpr1010Posted 3/18/2010 11:41:11 PM

Yes. It's not hard. Besides, combat arena is basically same as using GP's..infinite magic = could get 1000 hit combo with NW in seconds... lol. I got all but 4 trophies on normal difficulty playthrough. Just finished titan mode for 3 and getting the last trophy (don't die or fail in Labyrinth) on easy mode.

#5the_requiemPosted 3/18/2010 11:49:31 PM
Yes, you can. I did. First concentrate on burning. Once get that trophy concentrate on blinding. Good idea to have save point at The Forum. Once done with game, load it up and whore firebow/Helios head for trophy.

Hounds, if you kick everyone that comes your way, will have trophy by the time you reach Poseidon's Chamber.