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6 years ago#1
Yup. Wouldn't be nice if Kratos went to Vahalla, fighting new gods? I wonder how a fight between Leneth and Kratos would be (just kidding).

But seriously. Using another myths would be interesting.
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6 years ago#2
Maybe this time they could plan for a series so that the story could make sense. It would also, hopefully, not be Kratos. Let him die. Please.
6 years ago#3
Christianity would win apparently since they could just write up an ending to all but destroy that mythology as a religion.

~Odin dies *SPOILERS*
6 years ago#4
Norse Mythology > Greek Mythology
6 years ago#5
Actually, Greek Gods > Norse Gods power-wise. Norse Gods can die whereas Greek ones can't, the Norse Gods can't control nature whereas the Greek ones can. Also, Greek Gods outnumber Norse Gods and are a lot more varied. The Norse Gods consist of three Groups. They are Aesir, the Vanir (who had a war with the Aesir but then combined with them into one group), and the three Norns (The Norse equivalent of the Fates), all of them human looking. Greek Gods consist of four groups. They are the Protogenoi, who are for the most part essentially anthropomorphic personifications of the forces of nature, some of which are more powerful than Zeus; the Titans, who are human in appearance and are sometimes depicted as giants; the Olympians, who are human in appearance and who we normally call "the Gods;" and the Minor Gods, who comes in all sorts of shapes and varieties, and consist of Gods such as Eris, the Moirae (a.ka. the three Fates. As a trio, they're also more powerful than Zeus), Pan, the Protogenoi known as Eros who also happens to be Aphrodite's "son", the Titan Helios, Triton, Circe, Calypso, countless river Gods, Hecate, the Four Winds, the man-turned sea-God known as Glaucus, both Hades and Hestia (they're former Olympians, thus they belong in this group), Persephone, Kratos (different from GOW Kratos), Styx (yes, one of the rivers of the Underworld has a Goddess), Selene and Eos (they're also Titaness'), Heracles (after he died in mythology and joined the Olympians), Hebe (Hera's daughter who became Heracles' wife after he became a God. Also Heracles' cousin and half-sister since Hera is technically Heracles aunt and Zeus, his father, is Hebe's father as well.), and countless others.

However, Norse Gods > Greek Gods when it comes to the amount of territory they own. Norse Gods own Midgard (Earth) and Asgard, two out of nine worlds in Norse Mythology, or three if you count the Jotunn known as Hel (Despite being called "Goddess" of the Underworld, she's the daughter of Loki, another Jotunn who is called a "God", and a female Jotunn, thus making her a full-blooded Jotunn. Same goes for the giant wolf Fenrir and the Midgard Serpent Jörmungandr) since she rules the realm of Hel, a.k.a Hellhim, which is the Norse equivalent of Hell (which is actually nothing but boredom for eternity rather than outright torture). The Greek Gods, on the other hand, just rule the world and the Underworld (which consists of both Hades and Tartarus along with the five rivers outside of the gates of Hades.).
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6 years ago#6
Jeeeeze. I'm pretty well versed in both but i'm just not gonna respond to the ridiculous wall of text.
6 years ago#7
bshrumblue: In the eyes of history, Christianity trampled them both equally. Your thoughts?

Lord_of_Demons: Making sense of this topic? What treachery is this?
6 years ago#8
Circumstance and situation interpretation made and continues to make Christianity what it is today. Religion is a joke but holiness is a worthy goal.
6 years ago#9
i think if they use a new pantheon then they will use a new protagonist.
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6 years ago#10
bshrumble: You like it.
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