Kratos needs a new make over on GOW4

#1rktn_odinPosted 3/13/2012 9:38:34 PM
It's getting boring with his current model.

Do you know what is this: C Right A Left A Up C Right A Left A Up
And this: A C Up B Up B A Down
#2Hmag20Posted 3/14/2012 9:39:00 AM
#3ClassyGentPosted 3/14/2012 2:50:47 PM
Perhaps it's time for a gritty reboot. Didn't great things happen when DMC went down that route?
#4MrStarkillerPosted 3/14/2012 6:02:22 PM

^Capital idea, old bean.

#5Hotel_SecurityPosted 3/14/2012 9:24:06 PM
Didn't great things happen when DMC went down that route?

Damn. Stole my idea. Can't wait to see Kratos with a mushroom cut. Hello, 1995!
#6MrStarkillerPosted 3/15/2012 5:37:03 AM
^As likely as the other rumors we've been offered up thus far. So what's all this about Gears 4 now?
#7ClassyGentPosted 3/21/2012 1:43:26 AM
There's a Gears 3?
#8Wulf2KPosted 3/21/2012 7:12:33 AM
I made a rare excursion to EB Games the other day, and saw something for sale called the "Gears of War Triple Pack". I had no interest in purchasing it, but the low price for a trilogy bundle merited further investigation.

This "Triple Pack" contained:
Gears of War
Gears of War 2
Gears of War 2 Pack (containing random DLC-style crap)

Somebody needs to be shot. Not fatally, but just through the vas deferens.
#9MrStarkillerPosted 3/21/2012 8:35:03 AM

So there we have it.

#10wolfdog123Posted 3/28/2012 12:25:20 AM
If you watch gow 3 how it was made this is it!

But maybe they can do a spin off of the gods.
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