Red Brick - To the Top of the Tower

#1umgobigblue6969Posted 9/29/2008 1:33:26 PM
Where is it in this level?
#2silvertygerPosted 9/29/2008 1:47:52 PM
I am wondering the same thing myself. I have been through that level at least 3 times now. I have everything except the red block... last red block i need to get all the suit upgrades
#3jo3_n_k8Posted 9/29/2008 9:34:30 PM
bump, I'd like to know meself
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#4undrtkr95Posted 9/30/2008 3:33:25 AM
After the gap where you have to push a green and red crank to get robin across the gap, there should be a small hole in the floor near the edge. fall through it and you'll see an organ. Use a strong character to move it to the right and hook it up to a pump and keep jumping on the pump until a guy comes over and started playing the organ... the brick should then appear.
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