pinball fanatics

#1GameDreadPosted 5/8/2008 3:00:00 PM
This game is not as bad as the limited reviews may have you believe. For the average gamer, yes there is nothing to say buy me here. But, if you are a pinball fanatic like myself, or even if you just like a good game of silverball from time to time, you may enjoy yourself. To me the two biggest aspects to a good pinball game are the layout, and the ball physics. Each of these are done well here. The ball moves as it should and the variety of tables have plenty of bells and whistles to aim for. The sound effects are decent and the voices are done well. Be warned though, the graphics could use work. Plenty of jaggies here, but the grain level depends on your preferred playing view. The table layouts are modeled in the form of what a pinball machines looks like to give the feel of playing an actual machine not just video pinball. The idea being you are not just flipping a ball around a digital fantasy world like Metroid Pinball. Now don't curse me out yet. Metroid pinball is amazing! It's the best pinball game on the DS, but i'm just pointing out the different style of pinball sim that each game is. My biggest gripe with this game is that during multiball the frame rate dropped and the camera jumped around. Not unplayable, but annoying none the less. Overall though at $19.99 there is plenty of fun to be had by pinball enthusiasts, and even the casual pinball player should have a good time with it. None pinball fans should avoid it though.
#2Red OrcPosted 5/18/2008 9:15:20 PM
I disagree. Physics are the number one thing in a pinball game.
Pinball FX on the 360's arcade and Metroid Pinball on the DS got it right, Dream Pinball did not.
Flipper Critters' physics were better than this game's. Also you can not turn off the music a major irritation for me.