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9 years ago#1
9 years ago#2
...What for?
"Why did the all the dinosaurs' die out?"
"Because YOU touch yourself at night."
9 years ago#3
To overthrow the Troll King of course. Lets hire some XBox fanboys to be cannon fodder while we convince the Wii fans to beat him with nunchakus and wiimotes.
ABC, RPG, look what games have done to me.
9 years ago#4
I am the troll king! Bow to me while I eat you!
Screw your morals. . .I'll keep my money ---some ranom user
9 years ago#5
I should've punched you in the face a long time ago....Dad.
8 years ago#6
David Bowie will always be the troll king >:(
Currently playing: guitar hero 2 and 3,CoD4,orange box
8 years ago#7
Tim Curry is the troll queen!
8 years ago#8
David Bowie is the goblin king..lmao

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