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8 years ago#1
Griffin O'Conner is quite an interrogator. I just got this game a few days ago and it is fun. Yes it has flaws and everyone says it is the worst game they've played, but I enjoy it. I've read all the Jumper novels so it's great to play in that universe.

I like the Lair and after I exit the main game, I'll usually find myself practicing my jumping skill in Griffin's hideout before turning off the game completely. The trophy room is nice, I haven't beaten the entire game yet so there are more collectibles to find.

I only have 5 trophies from Rome, I am assuming that I can find a total of 6 in each level. I have all 6 from Nepal and I haven't searched for any in the Tokyo Lab. I was happy to finally find the baseball bat, since that is what Griffin used in the movie. Probably not the strongest weapon (haven't found the flamethrower) but I like using it.

I still have a level or two to go but I am replaying Rome and the Lab right now. Trying to get better at jumping which is difficult because of the controls. I think the game should have allowed an option to aim the jump targeting reticule with the Left Analog Stick.

Yeah, I like to make the most out of my games.

I shall declare this message board as my own if there are no objections.
Hmm, upgrades.
8 years ago#2
I found all the collectibles in the Lab. Still missing one collectible from Rome. The third spot in the trophy room is empty. I had some fun last night with the boss for the first level. I had Griffin wait until the paladin charged and then teleported away right before impact. It's fun, the jumping. Griffin was hit many times but I'll master the jumping in this game soon.

I wonder if there are only 5 collectibles in Rome because I have looked everywhere. I'll search for it again just in case. There could be a glitch or I am not looking in the right places.

I really like the music. It is not from the movie and it loops the same two or three tracks over and over. Quite good tunes that warrant my appreciation. The comic scenes and dialogue are great too.

Soon this board shall be declared as mine. No objections so far. It is only a matter of time.

Hmm, upgrades.
8 years ago#3
I played a little more of Jumper last night. I went through Rome again and did not find the collectible I am missing. I think it may be in the 1st section of that level. The last section of the level (the Arena?) is mostly a boss fight with a smaller fight with some paladins in the room before. There are not many places to explore.

I decided to advance a little more in the Tokyo level. I found a few collectibles and many paladins. I'm not completely through the level but I am hoping to find the flamethrower in Tokyo. I still use the baseball bat for combat and only perform special moves if I am near death and surrounded by paladins.

I found that Griffin can stand right next to a paladin and then teleport away as the paladin is in mid-swing with the electrical rod. I love the sound those things make when they are fired. Griffin just needs to make sure he jumps away at the right time. Too soon and the paladin will hit his target even if Griffin teleports to another position. It's best to jump away right when you hear the sound of the paladin weapon.

Those paladin dressed in black are tough. But not too tough. I was battling one and he was trying to insult Griffin but he didn't get to complete his sentence.
It came out like "So you wanna play hard baaaaaugh ....!"

The day of reckoning is near. There have been no objections thus far and I am ready to stake my claim on this board. Soon, very soon.
Hmm, upgrades.
8 years ago#4
I haven't fired up my PS2 for a while so I haven't played any more of Jumper: Griffin's Story. As soon as I get another surge protector for my electronic equipment, I'll start playing my PS2 games more often. This game will be first in line.

I saw a few screenshots of the Xbox 360 version of this game. It looks great and I think the PS2 would have been able to display similar graphics. The cel-shaded graphics for the PS2 version are fine, I just wonder why they decided to implement them on this system and give the 360 more realism.
Hmm, upgrades.
8 years ago#5
I played the game for a about a half hour today. Tokyo level. Griffin is at the checkpoint right before that tiny cutscene where a crane crashes into the side of a building because the C4 strapped to it are detonated.

I think the paladins are trying to destroy any traces of the experiments dealing with the teleporting machine. I found the flame thrower. I didn't use it that much, it has some kind of ammo limit. I stuck to the trusty baseball bat.

Tokyo is a very hard (annoying) level. Trigger-happy paladins are everywhere. I didn't get very far after the room with the two semi-trucks. I kept getting killed and well, maybe I should go all out and let Griffin flame-broil everyone. I stopped playing after awhile because of those bloody paladins. I'll give it another go tomorrow.
Hmm, upgrades.
8 years ago#6
So I managed to get past that last section of Tokyo using the baseball bat. I am finding that the block move is actually useful, Griffin just needs to be sure to 'jump' away if a paladin decides to shoot an electrical rod.

I was doing great getting through all the paladins. Then I entered a room flooded with electrified water. I had Griffin jump to a crate where a lone paladin stood. Attacked the pally from every direction with the baseball bat and then inadvertently teleported to the ground. I ran around to find a jump spot but the electriified water killed me. All that time battling paladins and it had to end like that.

Returned to the game the next day and decided to try out the flamethrower. Easily passed all of those paladins (approximately 40 pallys according to the flamethrower stats). Went on to fight the level boss who seemed to be able to 'jump' as well. It turned out he was just using the old "Ninja Vanish!" trick.

Afterwards, I played a little of the Finale. I will complete the game soon. I have each collectible for every level except for that one in Rome. Anywhere is possible . . .
Hmm, upgrades.
8 years ago#7
I am trying to prolong the life of this game by playing it sparingly. It's worked in the past for other games. At least I am getting the most out of this game and enjoying it. Too many reviewers focus on the negative aspects of a game, they've all become jaded ... jaded I tell you!
Hmm, upgrades.
8 years ago#8
A friend visited and saw that I had this game and wanted to see the gameplay. I played a little of the first level and showed him my jumping skills. It's been awhile since playing Jumper but after a few jumps I was in the zone. Sure I pretended to be controlling Griffin when he teleported onto the airborne helicopter and threw those people off of it. Yeah I also pretended to control Griffin as he got inside a police car and jumped it into another helicopter. But hey, it was for a good cause.

My friend played it and got the hang of 'jumping' quickly. He had fun. The game may not be great but it is still entertaining. I still haven't finished it yet and I still can't find that missing collectible in Rome.
Hmm, upgrades.
8 years ago#9
I played the game yesterday, searching for the third collectible in Rome. I went through the last two sections of that level. I did not find it at all. I am guessing it is going to be somewhere in the beggining area of that level.

I did learn of some interesting ways to take out a few paladins. In the area where the stone floor breaks away, I had Griffin jump to it which caused trhe two standing paladins to fall to their demise. Griffin fell too but he 'jumped' to a safe location.

I also figured out how to glitch the boss of Rome. After he hurls a boulder into the entryway of his area, don't enter the arena and back up a few feet. Then have Griffin jump into the area, somewhere near the boss. He won't be able to move and will just stand their and do nothing as Griffin attacks this paladin and takes his life down. It at least gave me a chance to explore the area in search of that mysterious collectible.If Griffin gets too close to the entrance of the area, a cutscene will be triggered and the paladin will wake up and fight Griffin.
Hmm, upgrades.
8 years ago#10
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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