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8 years ago#11
Thanks for sharing some impressions of the game. The problem with unpopular games is that it's hard to find any real opinions for them. Reviewers have to judge a bad game solely as a $60 item, while kids usually just waste everyone's time by making fun of it. So when you see one for a few dollars, you never know if it's truly unplayable or something that could still provide a few hours of fun.

But it turns out that the Xbox 360 version is much different from the one you're playing. Apparently Brash Entertainment developed it for the PS2/Wii, while Red Tribe handled the 360.

A few notable differences:

-There's no jumping through walls, but the targeting reticule *is* controlled by the left analog stick. You don't use the jump ability that often- mainly to cross a few walkways here and there- but it's easy to quickly leap away from enemies.

-There's no way to block.

-The collectibles are a little confusing. You don't walk up to one and press a button in order to collect it. Instead, all the items (health potions, collectibles, weapons) in the game appear somewhat similar. There's no stat screen when you pause the game, so you have no way of knowing how many you've collected- or how many you're missing. There's also no real order to the way they are displayed in the lair. You have two shelf cases and two tables, but it's not clear which stage each is representing.

-I'm not sure if there's a flamethrower. If there is, I didn't find it on my first playthrough. It also doesn't look like I have any room left for it on my weapons rack.

-There's no way to replay chapters or cutscenes.

-You *can* change the inverted camera controls.

Despite all this, it's a fun little superhero game- provided you find it on sale for a few bucks. It plays like a cheap Xbox title, and for some reason reminds me of a Matrix game. The fight against Samuel L. Jackson was cool, since the battle would periodically 'jump' to a different location. It was also fun to go up against half a dozen enemies, and quickly take them out with relative ease.

I also have to say that I never had any problem with the camera, so I'm guessing that was a problem exclusive to the PS2/Wii version.
8 years ago#12
That is interesting. The differences between the PS2 version and the Xbox 360 version are quite significant, for me at least. This is a short game and the option to replay chapters is something that extends the replay value.

After reading that list of differences, I am of the opinion that the PS2 version is a smidgeon more entertaining despite the superior graphics of the 360. I wonder how the Wii version turned out. I thought that the jumping ability may be more accessible if the Wii-mote allowed for jump targeting.

I still have to finish the finale to complete the game. I enjoy the fight against Roland as well. I wonder if Samuel L. Jackson did the voice work for this game. The actor from the movie who played Griffin added his voice to the game. That was a nice touch.

There are times when I want to play a video game, but something that doesn't require a lot of time, Just something to pass the time and Jumper: Griffin's Story fits the bill. The music always gets stuck in my head after a play which isn't exactly a bad thing.
Hmm, upgrades.
8 years ago#13
The lack of a level select is disappointing. However, after beating the game, you automatically replay using the most powerful weapon acquired. This means you can really speed through the levels, which makes selecting levels less of an issue. It also means that you REALLY feel like a jumper- and someone that is far too powerful for the enemy.

On my second playthrough, it wasn't until the second fight with Roland that I felt any degree of difficulty. I could enter a room filled with enemies, and literally just wipe them all out in a matter of seconds. So I do think it's a fun game when you just want something short and to the point.
7 years ago#14
I saw that this thread was still open yesterday (much to my surprise) and played the game for a bit before turning on the computer. I forgot about this topic and thought GameFaqs would have locked it by now.

Jumped around in the lair for a few minutes and then went to the level select and chose Rome. Continuing my never-ending quest to find the last collectible. I don't think it exists, I've looked everywhere and there are not many places it could be hidden since Rome is a small level. At least it is when split up into three sections.

I really like the special moves Griffin can do against the paladins. I usually never use these special moves so as to keep them from getting repetitive. When the paladins first appear in Rome, I had the three power-up bars filled so I just let Griffin execute a special move.

He kind of did a lunge at the first paladin and knocked him out with a punch and then teleported to the second paladin and took him out in the same fashion. Griffin went on to finish off the third paladin and by the end of the special move, all three paladins were laying on the ground. It is my favorite special move, followed by the mule kick. I'm not exactly sure what the names for these moves are but the stat list shows the number of times Griffin has used the move.

Once the flamethrower is acquired, the game is too easy. No need for hand-to-hand combat. Just point and shoot. That simple. If an enemy is out of the flamethrower's reach, just 'jump' to him and flame on. The enemies in this game usually run to Griffin anyway.

I listen to a lot of original scores for movies and the songs in this game are movie-quality. It is too bad there aren't many songs in this game. I'm not sure if any of the songs are from the Jumper movie.
Hmm, upgrades.
7 years ago#15
7 years ago#16
Not much.

I was at Best Buy today and saw this game for sale brand-new for $9.99. It's available online for less. Oh and someone was over today and glanced at my movie collection and pointed at Jumper and said, "That's a good movie".


Hmm, upgrades.
7 years ago#17
I just noticed that the in-game music for this game Jumper: Griffin's Story is very similar to the theme for the movie Wanted. Danny Elfman must have played this game before scoring the music for Wanted. I need to pop this game back into the PS2 and maybe actually finish the last level. Although I might get sidetracked into searching for that artifact in Rome.
Hmm, upgrades.
7 years ago#18
I couldn't fall asleep last night and needed a quick gaming fix and decided to play Jumper: Griffin's Story.

I wanted to get through the whole game in one sitting but I only managed to get to the beginning of the Tokyo level. I then succumbed to sleep. So close.

I started off in Rome, didn't bother looking for the missing trophy. Using the glitch for the level's boss, I found out that Griffin can perform combos. I already knew about X X [ ] and [ ] [ ] X and now [ ] X [ ] along with X [ ] X.

Fighting Roland in Nepal, I went on the offensive and just kept attacking him before he could start waving those electric rods. I still had to run around for a while to let Griffin regenerate Health but it feels so cheap doing that. Unfortunately, that is the best strategy for all of the bosses in this game.

"I see soon to be dead people."
Hmm, upgrades.
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