Codebreaker codes PLZ!!!

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7 years ago#1
Anyone have anyt codes anycodes at all for the ps2 version of Ghostbusters?
7 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]
7 years ago#3
Was this really necessary? Maybe he wants a level skip so he can avoid the constant crashing this game does :P
7 years ago#4
"i do its called shut the **** up and get a life you no good ****"

WTF? Since when asking for codes mean that the person doesnt have a life? Maybe he does have one, so he doesnt have the time to play the game on the hardest difficulty to unlock the costume or something like that.
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7 years ago#5
Just ignore the flaming web troll. That's what they CRAVE. If you ignore them, eventually they die from lack of attention.
7 years ago#6
heh o worries i took care of his ass LOL
i camp ninjua defusers cause your cowards be a dam man and defuse it legitly chicken punks
7 years ago#7
hah w/e
why does cod4/mgo have jerks on it? calm down people there just video games ;/
im not a troll just had a bad week
7 years ago#8
go to and make a request. i think they still work on that kind of thing. provide you still have the disc.
7 years ago#9
This is what I've found over there, though their hard to test on such a temperamental game.:

Credit: Skiller

Key: 40 B2 D8 9C 9C 69 65 C4 7D 48 16 68 A7 1D F3 0A B4 D2 DB F0
ELF: SLUS_218.82

Enable Code (Must Be On)
90470640 0c11c138

Damages no cost
201C6FAC E47F0000

Time In Level: 0:00:00
2020B624 E61F0058

Weapon Never OverHeats
2015C814 00000000

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7 years ago#10
wow i dont even remmeber posting on this board of a game i dont own wtf lol
the only one that don't want classic games remade there gone let em stay classics
i have a right to speak my mind imo ;/
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