Gameplay Tricks For Unlockables

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I thought I'd share some tricks for getting the unlockables, as some of these may not be too obvious off-hand. These come from a recent post I made my Ghostbusters website. The full post can be viewed here:

All of the information on my site pertaining to the game can be found here:


* Getting Collectibles In Replays Without Completing Levels

When replaying levels to nab missing art and scans, you don't have to finish the level. Once you get what you're missing, go into options, change something, then change it back, and exit out. The game will ask if you want to save your changes. Select "Yes". Then select "Firehouse" from the main pause menu. Ignore the "unsaved data" warning because your data was already saved. However, if you use this trick when obtaining your final art page and/or scan, you will not get the unlockable until you complete any level. On the PS2 I suggest going back to "Under New Management III" because it's extremely short (the entire level is just one minor ghost fight). On the Wii you might want to go back to the first or second levels because they're the easiest.


* Unlocking The Gozerian Rookie Outfit Without Completing The Entire Game On Gozerian/Hard Difficulty

Even though the game says that you need to complete the game on Gozerian/Hard difficulty to unlock the Gozerian Rookie Outfit, this is not true. You just need to complete the last level ("The Destructor") on the Gozerian/Hard difficulty to unlock the outfit, and it can be done on a replay of that level instead of your first playing of it. So play the game on Easy, then switch difficulties at your locker in the firehouse, and play or replay "The Destructor" level. The final level is extremely easy once you've unlocked the Invulnerability and No Equipment Overheat cheats. The Gozerian Rookie outfit just adds blue color and slime immunity to your regular uniform. Actually, it appears that your hair and skin are colored blue as well.


* Unlocking Invulnerability After Finishing The Game Without 100% Completion

The game says that you need to "finish the game with 100% completion" to unlock the Invulnerability cheat, but that isn't exactly true. You can finish the game first, and then get 100% completion later on by replaying the levels and getting whatever art pages and scans you missed the first time. You'll automatically get the Invulnerability cheat once you've gotten them all.


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